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Make a learners tarot deck from regular playing cards

If you can't afford to buy a deck, or just want a deck to learn along with, making your own learners tarot deck is easier than you might im…

Started by Leila Raven

4 May 20, 2011
Reply by Leila Raven


Why Theosophy Co/ISIS should make electronic edition of SD Commentaries available on Internet?

Already the genii is out of the box and no one can put it back. Surely scanned copies of the book is circulating privately and nothing can…

Started by M K Ramadoss

7 Apr 27, 2011
Reply by M K Ramadoss

Birth chart

How do you co-relate the present birth with the past and the elevation of karma in this life. Will the present soul stand separately with r…

Started by MANLEO

0 Apr 15, 2011

RELIGION & SCIENCE combine to gestate the Esoteric Science

One of my most important discoveries over the past 37-years of researching the Esoteric Science was the realization that the Sacred Scriptu…

Started by William John Meegan

6 Apr 6, 2011
Reply by William John Meegan


Some years ago: 1977-1983 I envisaged a cycle in the first chapter of Genesis and it took me almost six years to realize that I had really…

Started by William John Meegan

7 Apr 5, 2011
Reply by William John Meegan


  This definition was my starting point. Karma (Karman, Sanskrit) This is a noun-form coming from the root kri meaning "to do," "to make."…

Started by Richard Norcross

0 Feb 8, 2011

Could it be that consciousness may not be dependent on the physical brain?

Here are a series of short articles, with videos, on "Seeing and Believing," "Science and the Profane," "The Astral Perispirit," and more,…

Started by Michael A. Williams

0 Feb 4, 2011

Blavatsky's "Gems of The East" Question

Greetings and good wishes. I recently ran across this by some unnamed author:  "The Precepts and Aphorisms [of GEMS FROM THE EAST], compile…

Started by Richard Ihle

2 Jan 27, 2011
Reply by Richard Ihle


Other than pushing Paul Johnson's very interesting blog contribution out of front page view, what might be the purpose for Alexandros Sfaki…

Started by Richard Ihle

0 Dec 26, 2010

Doleful Lions- White Lotus Day

05%20White%20Lotus%20Day.mp3   This is a song I wrote and recorded about Blavatsky. From the 2008 Parasol Records album"7".   White Lotus D…

Started by Jonathan

1 Dec 25, 2010
Reply by Arantir


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