This is a song I wrote and recorded about Blavatsky. From the 2008 Parasol Records album"7".


White Lotus Day (J.Scott)

why have you waited for so long
the ending shield
the things that were so wrong
and yet everything comes to you
when in your need
you made what you could hold on
and what in the dark calls to you
the nightwing that sings
the shining of his song
remove the veil
from this secret flower
and break the chain
in this final hour
what did akashic reveal
and why were you safe
in the darkness of anger
you've only had love in your heart
so why was it right
to treat as a stranger
but now it's revealed
love and light
and everything that feels right
is right
all that is one
come out of the night
and seek the day
the only way
to merge into the one
so this has been revealed
on white lotus day

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Nice song :)


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