These words come to mind as knowledge words. Mystery equals curiosity curiosity relates to knowledge, knowledge brings on the word interpret. Speaking of the word interpret last night I was watching a movie that told me everything I wanted to now about the new testament except Revelations. The writer pulled me into the story and allowed me to (interpret my belief my way) absolutely genius! To me that's charismatic writing at it's best put, into a movie.

It was a movie about a slave from Africa brought to a small town town in Italy, outside of Venice. Each scene drew me to what was happening in each scene and drew me to the next scene, I was overwhelmed with the writing and the author. In the end, she was made a saint by the Vatican in two thousand. I read the sayings of ancient theosophers and sense their truth within them. What's happening to me? I never use to do that, now I can sense these things? A word becomes a truth along with a paraphrase then a sentence then a paragraph then a movie. 

To some they are just non meaning, words to me they come alive and I see them as knowledge beyond words. Can a word or a thought be spiritual? Jesus healed with words action and the person believed and was healed. Can we heal ourselves with words as thought, believed thought as it was done two thousand years ago? Thoughts please. Paul

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Comment by Paul lee James on October 15, 2013 at 6:23pm

Dear John, 

Wish I could remember. Fantastic movie, maybe the t.v. guide might help it was Sunday, the fourteenth of Oct. We have cable and I would guess it was a religious station I've seen before. I would think it was about after five pm and toward the end of the channels. Are look for nuns in the early nineteenth century who were made a saint, in the twenty century. I will look into the t.v. guide and get back to you.Paul

Comment by John on October 15, 2013 at 7:32am

What was the name of the movie? If you do not recall, what channel was it on? I may watch it.

The spiritual meaning of words is far deeper than the words themselves. Most people see the words only. Now the words (and all events in life; movies are in that category) are triggering the experience you had, to a lesser degree. That experience should be nurtured. If I were to give advice - I'd say do not force it mentally. the effort is more like *allowing* Love it be present. Forcing Love is usually not helpful/achievable.. allowing is nearly the opposite of forcing.

>>> "A word becomes a truth along with a paraphrase then a sentence then a paragraph then a movie."

This is great! A Spiritual path ultimately musy lead to this effect. You are becoming "tuned-in" to God. This allows one to see the spirituality and transcendent world around you. As this grows, you become more likely to experience transcendent states of consciousness. This is basically the experience you felt in the Mall.


That is a wonderful event you share - thank you.


p.s." Can we heal ourselves with words as thought, believed thought as it was done two thousand years ago? "

actually, yes. Practically, unlikely. However - thinking about things can greatly help. It can come from prayer, meditation, contemplation etc. One can ask for help. One can relax the mind and envision the diseases/pain/impairments etc. as being removed. A total cure? seldom happens - but  relief is common. It also prepares one for death etc.


p.p.s above are my opinions only. I am very fallible and Human..

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