The path of truth is a path with mysteries. Within the mystery lies a truth among truths. As babies we stare at things we do not understand stand, but in time they give us understanding. We unconsciously choose our own personal path in the beginning from curiosity, then it gets familiar and known to us, so we continue on our journey to understanding. In our journey we see and find mysteries we are unsure of and either accept them or deny them, which ever makes us comfortable in our mind and heart and we continue.

I sense we are drawn or repulsed by some paths (see seven and eighth verse). Drawn to makes us more curious as to which way to go or repulsed thoughts troubles us as should we go on that path, obeying our negative emotions? Later in our life we see and understand the path we followed was designed for us by us. And some cases there was another reason we were given that path to followed, we ask was it our destiny to create our own destiny or some one else's? Like divine destiny? How can we understand trials and tribulations except we have them?

 Thoughts please? Paul

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