When one reads their words one senses the peace of mind and beliefs of there words, conveying to us today their thoughts and hopes for us regardless of what their name was. In todays world it is said that "it is a dog eat dog world" which speaks for itself. The speaker believes it by experience. Yet the sages of old spoke differently with peace in their mind and heart. The word wonderment comes to mind as if to say there is another way of looking at negative circumstances in ones life. 

The other way is to study the ways of the sages in there time and maybe bring their peace of mind and heart into our disorganized present. It is said "when all around you is in chaos and you are at peace then you have reached your heaven" or words to that effect. Those sages knew something we don't. There are those who want us to be in chaos so then they can control us and not vice versa. it must be a psychological political thing? These sages thought differently.

How can we have a emotional episode and not think it's spiritual? How can we deny something we can see and feel without admitting what brought it on internally? Like a "broken heart". The emotion of the heart from happiness to a broken heart. What can mend a broken heart, love what else? Paul

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