Angry at the people of the world and not the world.

I am angry at the people of the world and not the world itself. How come? I found out the world was here first people second. Since no one can truthfully say we the people have been here either seven thousand seven hundred thousand or seven million years, then how come we still can't agree on anything, still murder rape and steal plus wars and haven't found peace in those times? Only a few have, how did they do that? That would be a great mystery and still is. 

I was once a bad person chose to be then I awoke to a truth I didn't want to admit. I was my own worst enemy. A famous man two thousand years ago ask another great man "what is truth" which signifies he was confused about truth in his time as well as we are today. I seemly want to give up on people who care about nothing but themselves. What have I gained on hoping they will change for the better. Look at the world governments today and America as well.

Argue argue and argue but nothing is gained for the people who put them there. Some one tell me why I shall not give up hope that maybe one day they too might wake up out of their child like behavior and grow up. I am tired of waiting hoping . Sadly pljames

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Comment by Paul lee James on October 21, 2013 at 5:55pm

Hi Ferran,

Well said that's a truth. Paul


Comment by Ferran Sanz Orriols on October 21, 2013 at 8:36am


 Man, I do know how you feel!

 People of this world soon will give up childish behaviour and grow up, yeah, I know it looks kind of impossible, but it's faith that makes me write so :-)
 Awakening to truths one doesn't want to admit is exactly the esoterical way, and is the reason why we' re not many hehehehehe

 If there is a good acupuncturist available in your surroundings, you might get free of anger, which is quite toxic for the body.

 be well, friend! :-)



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