Some thoughts on the three Axioms of HP Blavatsky 1. Immensity 2. Cyclical movements 3. Brotherhood
1. Relative to the beginning of all life is based on the Universal Principle. The principle that all life is a specialization of, but is also the principle even though it still gives only a limited expression. This is an abstract mental starting point for us.
2. There are systematic processes can be observed when the life in the process of manifesting moves in discrete units of life that we might call kosmossen or universes. Here we can already begin to perceive processes if only we us a bit more mentally able to imagine. If only because it has better handling units of life is lawful and processes we can observe in our own lives and thus make the analogies.
3. In the realm of being a source of each distinct universe or cosmos where life is attracted to the developed in close cooperation with all other beings that also are linked.
For me it is an internal picture of harmony, cooperation. These 3 Axioms explain the basic patterns for the laws of the Cosmos. They are the patterns and the Spiritual Matrix of Life Itself.
The third tenet is easiest to form ideas about this. Because the operation takes place in the for manifested world. This is known to us in intellectual thought, the Higher Manas. The second axiom is already difficult and this requires thinking and Buddische atmosphere. However, it is to grasp if we focus on building and insights about this cyclischiteit. The first postulate, the Universal Principle is our ultimate landmark. It is our Inspiration, our Spiritual Home.
It is in the extent to which we express themselves and interact with 3 principles / Axioms that we will be able to understand them. An intellectual processing gives intellectual thought images. A Buddische thought images and insight on connections. A atmic shows an idea of Unity and comprehensive nature. This is a process of dynamic growth, without end. Ultimately determined our mental attitude from what we understand. It is the quality of our thinking about the possibilities and limitations determined to understand.

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