The thought process,
- The 'unconscious' thinking is thinking that the 4 lower mind aspects dominate in our thinking. Again, the schedule of the spheres and the 7-fold man inside. The 2 division: conscious and unconscious thinking.People are actually very vulnerable and easily influenced in their thinking. Where you see yourself in your mind on thoughts of you will tune corresponding character received. - We think in pictures. We send pictures to each other and receive ideas. They are images of certain thoughts behind it. We think and dream these things therefore in accordance with our nature. Admissibility depends if you dream experience. - Repetition: What's the thinking anyway? The agreement with a radio station that the vibrations of a Defined. frequency broadcast to everyone within a Defined. atmosphere and the radio receiver of a Defined. quality / character may be fostered. And only if it is adjusted. - Conscious thinking is that thinking from the 3 higher mind aspects when thinking itself sends instead be directed by strong thinkers such as happened in the unconscious mind.  There are often strong thinkers believe spheres deposited where unconscious thinkers brought into compliance. Examples of this, games like Word feut and the alleged European credit crisis and a member f. royal family dies, and everyone reacts emotionally to.
- What is Truth really, how do you know what someone says a top personal testimony of life? There you will have to develop discernment. It speaks to what the other is in itself has developed. One way will also teach from the concept of unity, cooperation, independence and encourage a cohesive factor in society to which they belonged.
- How can we change the trigger? The End of ideas about teaching. People today seem massively separation and personally think they choose. Why is that? We are still very weak thinkers. We still have too little vision of life built. If we start building a supra-personal life than we ourselves and the people around us protect this strong thinkers who influence us with thoughts that we do not want to think. So we are building a betterment of society from within, instead of by the effects only work is the wiser the causes of disharmony to tackle, and situated in the absence of a worldview. An example is people to speak their conscience. This is when you address them on the other window of Gandhi so you see how it could be. You yourself have the inner conflict, they are not the others that the conflict on / in your cause. Gandhi had many followers, so the group fell apart after his death. But these people are in the next life or with the press reborn. It certainly will in the long term effects. It is a matter of conscious living and thinking. We sometimes in our life dramas with it so we turned to be making choices to come to us - if we have a vision of life have built - we can bring a bold step forward in our development environment and therefore our beneficent influence. - Conscious thinkers balanced people who from a Defined. vision to think and act. Everything we do leaves an impression. There comes a time when this idea comes up. Do you grow together. We are generally lazy and adolescent thinkers. - Adolescence is the interesting period as the individuality, that which a human being has built comes out, reborn. We see that in the sense of justice and idealism of young people. We would need to nurture and encourage. The ideal training for the Western man is now that of the Raja Yoga method.

- Psychiatric syndromes: When thoughts of disharmonious nature are so strong then these forms such as hearing voices and images. This indicates the robustness of the mind. Depression, psychoses, anxiety disorders are examples of powerful thought elementals. If you thought you would not need those old thoughts and possibly feeding. a new, powerful to add only giving it another characteristic which gets added to all of this character has changed and if another ever thought you will come back. Noble thoughts sick thoughts will add to these sick thoughts eventually do quench in ourselves and we will lose our attractiveness committed. Summarized, no attention anymore to ignore, to die by other mental images to build.
- Diseases: disharmony in the mind. The focus on class 3 (the lower mind aspects), the disharmony.Lesson 4 (the higher mind aspects), the lasting solution to the problems. - The method: They think a thought, follow from bep. actions, we repeated these thoughts and their actions and if we build a habit. We see that the habit eventually bep. characteristic represents. (Thought, action, habit, character) - Build an image of unity v / h life and Compassion. Strengthen yourself in the image of the public interest rather than the personal interest and you will be a leading force in society. You'll see a wall of protection for the weaker brethren, inspire a Culture Bearer.
- Meditation: This is the process of consciously take note of business through the examination and then apply them, ie to work with. To you at a given moment and dn is a form of His become. A very active and dynamic process. - It is important to learn to ignore the attraction of the aspects of the lower mind, and learn to steer and control aspects of the higher mind. Tune into the public interest. Whoever does so has an eye for the truth, is selfless. You send out that his power of thought will resonate, now or later. - You can change your thinking so tune so you bep. business no longer have affinity. You do nothing else all day. Thoughts are like vibrations, therefore the radio example. We see (catch on) eg only some of the top Personal love testified to the extent that it is already in our lives. We learn and we do experience in realms where we are (still) not daily condition.

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