- Amrita Yana (AY) is mainly APPLY tenets of the 3 & the Seven Jewels of Wisdom in your life. It is very practical and concrete. The pursuit of truth is w.s.l. the guiding force behind the motive for the AY to explore. The motive is or should be: Compassion for all living things.
- The road would be open to everyone. A universal way without respect of person. Therefore, the directions of the same character should have been. They will be identifiable and verifiable should be, so you can practice it and do your own research to truth. even if it is your / relative truth as far as you have researched it.
- All other influences in Nature, also developing Compassion influenced by others when we tire of sympathy and antipathy are linked. The development of one man is inseparable from that of all other people. Here is the method to help humanity itself forward. Be Compassion and others this incentive in itself to develop.
- It is next to an inspiring example of a practical man who needed support in all aspects of its complexity satisfied. With universal (applicable everywhere) evidence will be independent to deeper insights that are not dependent on what others think of it. Limited to personal opinions, there is no lack.
- Working with the spiritual principle of the Secret Doctrine would be a process which keep us busy every day. For truth-seekers are always looking for a greater truth. There is no end to the development of your life and consciousness.
- The opposite: the materialist premise that the matter is the driving force behind Life is soon very unsatisfactory because they do not give conclusive statements can and always will. Nevertheless, we must do everything in our research also involve this materialist view, also and especially to our own vision to better explain to others. We should also in the opinion of others to deepen the dissenters seriously as we should assume we want a dialogue to enter.
- The Spiritual basis of the Secret Doctrine and the Seven Jewels of Wisdom are the source of knowledge that we only within ourselves having to bring out. This is the process by means of emanation education. It again goes faster if we remember the right tone in our self to save the tone of compassion then vibrates all that lives with us. We are no longer a person, but one with all that lives. Our reach has become a universal nature. Compassion is the root v / h Life. (Conclusion ch 48 Foundations of Dr. De Purucker)
- We are the path will be part of further study and application of the 3 Axioms and discover the 7 Jewels of Wisdom. The Path is one of dynamic growth so it will gradually but there is movement.

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Comment by ornamentalmind on February 26, 2012 at 4:39am

Yes, very nice...welcome Cees!

Comment by Hannes Frischat on February 25, 2012 at 5:09pm

Where shadow is there is light. Thanks Cees for posting this.

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