Good and bad right and wrong. How do you get a grip on your thoughts.

Good and bad or
right and wrong

We are not as accustomed to this way as in Theosophy thought about is about good and evil thinking. This may be difficult for us to have an idea about them. Good and evil are relative. Every person has his own (limited) view of what is good and evil. We often identify ourselves with other people. It resonates with something in our thinking when we see others suffer. This can be, e.g., pity or compassion. - Pity, then the emotional aspect of our work. It may be gone, this is not very durable. - Compassion; (empathy) than does our understanding. This is durable and works on the causal side of suffering. - Good is life to your highest ideals and insights. So you can always develop more. There is no end to growth. - Reality and Illusion in the spheres schedule; The three aspects are higher for REALITY. The four lower elements identify ILLUSION. There are examples of people found in the current and already bygone time that the higher aspects think whole or part of more sustainable in themselves have developed. These are people that the path of self-development self-conscious to serving others compassionately. These are the pioneers of mankind. We experienced their beneficial effects sometimes only by their presence through their sphere of influence in status but even more by their thoughts and subsequent actions. - Evil is consciously living below your highest ideals and insights (your own highest standard). Do less than your own conscience you give. Everyone knows if he does this. - After a discussion about the influence of others on our thinking: demagogues, (powerful personal thinkers) rely on the "gut" our instinctive part. If in our thinking (yet) is something that is still active in that field can resonate with these powerful thinkers of this personal characteristic. Then you see happening that people can go walk along. These are examples of yet unself-conscious thinkers. Confident thinkers are protected from this. It passes them by because they do not think that local issues are addressed. They have their minds concentrated in the higher thinking aspects. We are generally not conscious of these thinkers. We follow generally live in our instinctive part and let us be fooled by it. The cave is our familiar house. We often live in our self-created illusory world. Learn to know yourself, you learn self-control.
After the question of whether there are people developments is in the mind: The development of thought goes in cycles. These are broadly outlined as the first unconsciously and then wrap open aware of the minds. This is slow. 

- In general we think FORMS. 

- Theosophy assumes CHARACTERISTICS.

Occasionally separation, this is the illusion that one believes to be independent from the others in Nature.
It is the greatest heresy to think that we are separate from all other life Nature is the aggregate of Life. When our four lower mind aspects are dominant in our thinking, this much disharmony. 

Living from the three higher aspects of thinking gives harmony in thought and action. The method of changing your thoughts to: thought-action-habit character. You sow a thought and reap an act, one does an act and creates a custom, one acts out of habit and developed a particular character. How comforting is the thought that if you love yourself the darker sides see where you're not satisfied anymore, now thought to have the resources to make changes. Transform yourself an ideal and focus on it from your mind three higher aspects. This is a good daily workout. Do not get discouraged, your insight is growing properly, the light is lit inside and everything, including things that are less appealing. Nevertheless, and thought that the top personal nature is very powerful and it strengthens the community. Once they return back to you and in the meantime she is a blessing for those who capture this idea.

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