SWASTIKAS: What are they? What is their genesis? What purpose do they serve?

Anyone that knows anything about esotericism knows that he cannot just make an educated guess as to the meaning of ancient symbols: charisma, rhetoric and hyperbole not good enough no matter how intelligent a person is or thinks he is.  In order to make any intelligent statements about ancient wisdom the individual proffering such knowledge must KNOW (not guess) what he is talking about for anything else is unacceptable.  That individual must then be able to at all times, if called upon to explain his reasoning, be able to validate his knowledge through logical mathematical demonstration and/or any additional supporting evidence as to where he obtained inspiration for his insights.  Inspiration does not come out of nowhere: there has a basis for it. 

Let me say from the start that a swastika cannot exist outside of the three by three (3 x 3) square: Kamea of Saturn (Lo Shu in China) that created it.  By analyzing the Kamea of Saturn, which has codified to its nine cells the first nine numbers: 1 thru 9 creates the Kamea of Saturn’s sigil (signature).  This pattern in turn demonstrates that each row (3), column (3) and diagonal (2): (8-sets) total to fifteen (15).  All magic squares from the smallest (3 x 3) to ad infinitum with equal rows and columns must follow these basic principles of thought; however, there are actually only seven kameas (people do tend to go beyond the confines of what is) and there is an inference that each of the original seven kameas is a miniature of a larger version: an example would be the Kamea of Saturn being the offspring of the Universal Mathematical Matrix (10 x 10 square).  These seven kameas are additionally assigned to the seven Sun Signs of Astrology (see: Talismanic Magic). 

The continuous analysis of the Kamea of Saturn structure with the first nine numbers unlocks many ancient secrets; for example, where did the Chinese develop their fashion for clothing or architecture? Or where did Christianity obtain its symbol of the fish to represent Christ?  Or where did the Egyptians get the idea for the scarab in their use of amulets?  

The central number in the Kamea of Saturn is #5 from which every odd number pivots on in both the male (twisting right) and Female (twisting left) swastikas.  In the neutral swastika every number pivots upon the #5. 

Each of these three symbols appears to be representation of rebirth: Renaissance.   The beetle (scarab) was a powerful amulet in ancient Egyptian art, which points to Talismanic Magic, which is the science of creating amulets with spells to protect the one that wears it (I personally do not believe in such superstition); however, I realize that such trinkets can be effective to soothe the primitive mind: I seriously believe this.  This is very similar to voodoo: if you believe it, it is effective.  If you don’t believe in it, it has no effect.  Highly sophisticated knowledge is like a double edge sword it can be seen as an effective amulet by the primitive ignorant masses or it can be viewed as sophisticated knowledge of the esoteric science.  Neither version is wrong for those entertaining one or the other.  For example those that read the bible literally use it as an amulet and those that study it scientifically see it as the science of the soul/psyche. 

The Kamea of Saturn reveals that there are three kinds of swastikas (see diagrams): male (scarab symbol: Egyptian), female (fish symbol: Christianity) and neutral (Chinese clothing and architecture).  The swastika has many other usages; amongst them being a symbol of a galaxy, a pyramid (neutral swastika).  How I discovered this was simply by applying the logic that is embedded in the very structure of the Kamea of Saturn.  First I realized that the male, female and neutral swastikas can be obtained from the Kamea of Saturn; however, I went a step further after validating that swastikas come from the 3 x 3 square.  I simple put the nine numbers in sequential order in a circle of nine parts.  I then took each arm of the swastika, each having two parts (except the neutral swastika) and drew a line connecting the two numbers in each part of the arm.  That little inspiration generated the three symbols: the fish, scarab and Chinese symbol.  It is not rocket science to realize that a little honing one’s analytical abilities to the data available eveals much more then what is universally thought concerning the symbol. 

When the symbol of the Kamea of Saturn and/or any of the Swastikas are found in art and literature and in archeological digs you can infer from that the culture was not primitive but rather understood the Esoteric Science to its fullest import.  Thus one can be certain that his efforts in searching for the Esoteric Science in that culture would not be in vain. 

In studying Dante Alighieri’s La Divina Commedia I found the male swastika codified to his very sophisticated mathematical system.  From Dante’s Commedia’s Kamea the Square , Compass and G of Masonic Symbolism was also worked into the compositional structure of La Divina Commedia.

All of these diagrams that I am showing here except the Kamea of Saturn were developed through my own researches.  They simply did not exist in contemporary times prior to my research.  I illustrate them here to point out that the initiate has to work the Esoteric Science and not have it spoon fed to him.  Listening toa lecture is great: it inspires thought but unless the listener goes fron the lecture hall and does further research into that subject matter the lecture was basically to no avail.

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Comment by William John Meegan on May 18, 2011 at 4:29pm



Actually, a great deal of my initial inspiration for studying the origins of the Swastika was gleamed by researching the SACRED DOCTRINE & ISIS UNVEILED by HPB.  The indexes of both these works were quite helpful in pointing out the correct way to envisage this symbol, which led me to come to the conclusions and diagrams you see in this post.


I have seen evidence of the swastika or Kamea of Saturn in all cultures around the world.  This was not obtained by the diffusion process but rather because the Esoteric Science is universally coded to the soul/psyche.  All generations in all times and climes divined the esoteric science.

Comment by Parag Melvanki on May 18, 2011 at 2:54pm

Thanks for the interesting topic. HPB describes Swastika as a Jaina Cross in her Glossary if i am not mistaken.


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