ESOTERICISM: Practical Techniques use to analyze the Esoteric Science: Introduction and Chapters 1-5

People have asked, what is the Esoteric Science?  I have downloaded this Introduction and first four chapters of my revised work to give the members of the forum a sense of what the Esoteric Science is.  I work, for the most part, with the Judeao Christian Scriptures and I demonstrate this Esoteric Science secretly coded to its texts.

INTRODUCTION: The Vesica Piscis

This introduction is more of a broad outline on the nature of the Esoteric Science and how it relates to the individual.  There are some very advanced ideas outlined here and I do not expect many people to understand them outright: however, it is my hope that when the initiate realizes some of these ideas for him or herself this introduction can be revisited.

CHAPTER ONE: Preliminary Mathematical Patterns in Genesis

My intentions here are solely to ease the reader into the understanding of what esotericism is and how it relates to the writing of the sacred scriptures. Many examples are produced from the textual materials to illustrate that there are highly sophisticated mathematical patterns throughout the sacred texts.

CHAPTER TWO: The Genesis Formula

Here is one of the major ideas coming out of the analysis of the first word of Genesis: BERESHITH. This idea literally demonstrates how the first chapter of Genesis is already written into the Genesis Formula and that the entire body of text has already been prefigured in the first word of Genesis. The idea of how this Genesis Formula came into being will be discussed at length in the last chapter.

CHAPTER THREE: The Sphinx & The Great Pyramid's Three Chambers

Again the first word of Genesis is analyzed to demonstrate that it holds within its grasp the image of the Sphinx and the paradigmatic design of the pyramid complex on the Giza Plateau. Each of the three chambers of the Great Pyramid will be analyzed in relationship to the measurements of its three dimensional space and how that mathematical data corresponds eerily with those of the mathematical patterns found in Dante Alighieri’s La Divina Commedia.

CHAPTER FOUR: Pythagoran Mathematics and the Kamea of Saturn

The rudiments of the esoteric science are gathered in this chapter showing some of the database of knowledge that has to be grasped by the initiate. The key figure in this chapter is the Kamea of Saturn, which enable me to discover the UNIVERSAL MATHEMATICAL MATRIX: The Prima Materia. This matrix is the key to all religions on earth. This chapter goes out of its way to demonstrate how this matrix is developed.

CHAPTER FIVE: Dante Alighieri's Mathematical System

This is the first wide-ranging analysis of a separate independent art form outside the sacred scripture that brought forth evidence of a comprehensive example of the esoteric science. I introduce this as my first example of the esoteric science codified to ancient literatue because it will be the easiest for the neophyte new to these ideas to understand. the analysis of the compositional structure of the La Divina Commedia. What this entails is to analyze its three volumes in relationship to its one hundred chapters and its 14,233 verses. It turns out that Dante Alighieri esoterically codified a very sophisticated mathematical system into his work and never told anybody about it. Here in this work is where I discovered the Universal Mathematical Matrix: The Prima Materia. It is the same matrix and science codified to the first chapter of Genesis, the Sistine Chapel and other works.


As time goes by I will add additional chapters that are presently in the finishing stages.  There will be a total of eleven chapters.  For the most part these other chapters show a complete analyzes of art genres that are fully developed from the Esoteric tradition and these chapters dissect those art forms to illustrate the sophistication in which these art forms were developed.  You can see why I will not just download them at the moment.  I would perfer that these first four chatpers be comprehended somewhat before I give the main course of my researches.





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