When one attains a level of mind gravity in the intellectual pursuit of the infinite intelligence, one must also complement such a manifestation with heart wisdom. This- as a synchronistic pair, initiates the will magnetism in the form of a call/prayer/command.

When the involution toward serving the self is transmuted to become the radiance of service to others in utter supplication toward the great one being, the soul receives the active spirit and the power of free will is actualized.

It is more than what one knows, or what one does with what one knows~ it is also the intention behind what one does with what one knows, that determines the state of one's being.

Those who would attain mastery of the bodies which the human incarnation is given are less concerned with labels or levels or ranks, but rather, aspire toward the great work in ever more increasing effulgence.

It is one's fidelity toward the radiating service to others which one care's about with the utmost of consideration. For those who's intuition guides them to such a position of being, nothing will bring greater satisfaction. When one remains ever steadfast in the positive state of being, the more aligned the chela is with the Great Brotherhood.

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