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Envision the micro/macrocosm

of the Great one Being,



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Liber Novus

Excerpts from Jung's Masterpiece...


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.:in Honor of Gandhi:.

In honor of Mohandas' birth...… Continue

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oṃ mai tri ma hā mai tri mai tri ye svā hā

oṃ maitri mahāmaitri maitriye svāhā

This being is not outside, nor elsewhere, but in all things manifest and un-manifest. Maitreya is not a being to come in the future, but a being in the here and now (as in ALL being).. Latent within everyone is the propensity to become that which is deemed "Master". Should any chose to know the great being of which each… Continue

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State of Being

When one attains a level of mind gravity in the intellectual pursuit of the infinite intelligence, one must also complement such a manifestation with heart wisdom. This- as a synchronistic pair, initiates the will magnetism in the form of a call/prayer/command.

When the involution toward serving the self is transmuted to become the radiance of service to others in utter supplication toward the great one being, the soul receives the active spirit and the… Continue

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Food for Thought

For comparative studies, read.... ANACALYPSIS

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my sacred feminine

womb chalice

united with the

creator phallus

as a form of energy

rather than flesh


the soul


with spirit

rest to motion

motion to rest




of energetic

emanation flows

from my breast…


Added by Mary Magdalene on June 19, 2009 at 4:30pm — 2 Comments

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