oṃ mai tri ma hā mai tri mai tri ye svā hā
oṃ maitri mahāmaitri maitriye svāhā

This being is not outside, nor elsewhere, but in all things manifest and un-manifest. Maitreya is not a being to come in the future, but a being in the here and now (as in ALL being).. Latent within everyone is the propensity to become that which is deemed "Master". Should any chose to know the great being of which each is an intrinsic part (microcosm of the macrocosm), will begin to see beyond any separation. Human forms who choose to serve for the greatest good in any and all ways become greater emanations of the great one light. Teachers are expressions thereof of the great one teacher.

Thusly, to consider what it means to incarnate- all schools of thought can lead the student toward embodiment and unification with the ineffable. The convergence of matter soul and spirit manifested the form of human-ness. Striving ever toward the ideal of one's own nascent divinity, like the trees to the sun, many are called to explore their growth toward self realization.

Be they speakers/listeners, leaders/followers, teachers/students, producers/consumers, etc.. Be they Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Sufi, Christian, Theosophical, Buddhist, etc... matters not. The divisions and classifications and identifiers are sufficient insofar as there is a greater understanding to be attained of each respective flavor as it were... Less important is the dross of human imposed limitations of superficial rules and regulations. More important is adherence to the principle at the heart of each wisdom tradition. That is where the indelible truth remains.

Remain mindful of when one or another one is misleading self or "other" toward the illusion of separation. The Universal Brotherhood has its expression in each and every school, the understanding of the universal infinite intelligence is directly proportionate to the readiness of the spirit body complex identifying itself as the human being. Subjective and objective understandings aside- within the seeker is the sought after.

This title is not conferred upon one man alone, but is a latent potential in all of humankind. May they catch but a glimpse of the omniscience of our collective life as one... Aye it is a universal brotherhood indeed. For those with eyes, let them see.

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