Krotona, Theosophy and Krishnamurti - A new book by Joseph Ross

The author, Joseph Ross has just joined our community and we all should welcome him. He is the well known author of several books on Krotona, Theosophy, Krishnamurti etc.


I am looking forward to reading the recent book on Krotona, Theosophy and Krishnamurti.


Specifically I am looking forward to its availability in a non-proprietary format such as pdf, so that it can be read on any computer device without the need to buy devices such as Kindle. This approach will also help many readers outside the US especially in the developing countries who are not affluent to spend a lot of money.

One of the recent approaches taken by some publishers of professional publications is to provide a free pdf file copy along with hard copy and this approach is likely to catch on because anyone can easily scan hard copy and load it into their computers for easy and quick retrieval.

I hope serious consideration is given to this aspect in view of the fact the market for theosophical, Krishnamurti and Krotona materials is rather small.


I am sure many readers will support and welcome this request.

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