Japans crises: Where the fire and water devas meet.

                                          Japan: Where the fire and water devas meet.

 The Japanese earth-quake-Tsunami-nuclear disaster is a terrible tragedy but not one without many opportunities to serve in new and creative ways by the modern disciple. The following commentary is meant to be suggested rather then instructional.


A few excerpts adapted from some email exchanges by me and other esotericist may give   some idea how containment can be initiated by esoteric groups for healing in Japans present crises. This is particularly relevant in working with the deva Evolution. I have included this information on the devas to be followed with a healing meditation and commentary by Gwen. One section is more occult the other more mystical.



 I regret that a disaster in Japan is already unfolding. Nevertheless we must help contain it by visualizing as groups the water elementals and watery grades of devas surrounding and neutralizing the out of control fire devas in the center of the nuclear reactors and spent fuel rods.


 The color of sea green, turquoise and dark oceanic blue for the water devas neutralizing the bright orange-yellow-red fire elementals are key colors for visualization.


Japan normally stoic and orderly society must be given healing light and love to calm and center their passage at this time of crises. Tokyo a city of many millions is unfortunately just downwind to the discharge of a toxic cloud and it would not take much to create a panic.


This catastrophe which involves an earthquake and tsunami may be a part of the unfolding drama of our planetary logos initiatory status. The reactor threat is a result of mans poor planning and construction.

How can you convince a non esoteric society of the impending changes that were to come and are now upon us? This unfolding disaster in Japan known for its safety  and preparedness does not lend itself well to the reactors that we have here in the US which many are over 30 years old.


 Many personalities who have met a violent exit from this world may need guidance as they approach the different bardo states so eloquently outlined in the Tibetan book of the Dead or (bardo-thodol, clear Light of the Void) 


Our many lifetimes of occult study, meditation and training are now needed more than ever to guide humanity who stands bewildered to the vast changes that are upon him historically and emanate from inner subjective realms.

I send my Love to all of you.

Your brother on the path of Perfection



"Thank Duane. I have already been working with the armies of Varuna and also Vayu (to keep the winds blowing east over Japan).  I was hoping you might have other suggestions.  When I started the work a couple of days ago, I noticed an etheric containment structure was already in place.  There are well constructed geodesic domes of light around each of the reactors.  Do you know anything about these?  They seem to be a conducive platform for work.  I've been perching in them, one after the other, calling the water devas to gather their forces on the inside of the geodesic structures and to stay there and work".


Dear --

This is an important insight that you have described.

Around every physical object or building is an etheric counterpart found on the inner planes.  Etheric spheres of lighted triangles visualized around the nuclear disaster site will help strengthen and seal its etheric counterpart.


 The black lodge will use any opportunity to enter through a torn planetary etheric field to wreck their havoc and exacerbate any difficult situation. This nuclear meltdown is happening simultaneously on several levels.

 The black lodge we know rules by fear, the White brotherhood by hope and the assurance that no matter how bad the crises may be that working as an integrated group we can always find a remedy and solution guided by the principals of spiritual will and intelligent love.


The violation of any entity lies often in the inadequate construction of lines of triangular light around its spherical body. It is this grid as you know that gives it strength and integrity. Although the geometric patterns are infinite and vary with the organism in questions a tight grid of triangles always strengthens most etheric planetary lives. All devas as you know respond to directed sound, color, geometric shape and vibration of some quality. When these are all combined we have a prototype from which to do healing work.


I have given a few general outlines in my commentaries Dynamic symbols 1 and 2 that can be adapted for visualization purposes by groups for this work. These dynamic symbol picture - books are an important outline for potential work along these lines. See


and http://www.light-weaver.com/vortex/2triangles.html


One of the most important aspects of "Sealing the door where evil dwells" lies in building and maintaining a strong resilient etheric body that is responsive to the higher grades of devic life who will then have access to the troubled area that needs healing. 


 Remembering that as healing energy strengthens and rotates around the three points of any triangle it eventual becomes a vortex.  

Rotary motion we know occultly throws out lower grades of elemental and devic substance and simultaneously draws down and builds in higher and more ethereal grades.

The healing going forward in Japan must be on several levels at the same time and it must be facilitated by those who can work on etheric and mental levels or above with some impersonality.


 We all are shocked and grieve for the unfortunate loss of life but much of this as you know goes forward according to cycles and occult laws of which humanity knows practically nothing.

Their is a clear disconnect between how man constructs things usually mostly for convenience and low cost and how things are constructed out of etheric matter on the inner planes. This is a case with these Japanese nuclear reactors where the two do not coincide. The devas will always come too humanities aid if invoked since it is their nature to heal and serve but it is mans lack of knowledge of these illusive lives that often keep them from making their important contribution.


 The outer shape and construction of the nuclear facilities must express an inner etheric - malleable counterpart. As men learn the secrets of the lower grades of devic and elemental builders there will be more flexibility in their building construction, hence energy will flow between the two  unimpeded. Safety is found not in how hard the construction material used but by how flexible.


Buckminster Fuller with his geodesic-grid structures made many strides in showing how strength and flexibility can be attained by grids of triangular construction. His work as an exoteric scientist, inventor and thinker has gained more popularity over the years because his designs are often prototypes of devic forces and how they build on the inner planes.


Think of the planet earth as a living entity and being of the consistency like  jello. A living vibrant substance or material that is susceptible to impacts and influences from many hidden dimensions. We as men in our ignorance build hard shells upon it thinking they are strong or permanent. The jello vibrates or moves according to its own inner subjective needs, principals and laws   and the outer shells simply crack and crumble.


The Ancient religions of Shinto, Daoism and Buddhism in Japan built their temples often from flexible material such as wooden beams and timbers for this very reason. The earth trembles or vibrates and these forms built upon this "living entity" are resilient and move with it.


Seers, pundits and yogis from out of the past speak with wisdom on this subject but is modern man listening to these subtle voices?


 A quote recently circulating on the internet about the Japanese crises is worth sharing:


                                                 600 YEAR OLD WARNING!!!


MIYAKO, Japan – "Modern sea walls failed to protect coastal towns from Japan's destructive tsunami last month. But in the hamlet of Aneyoshi, a single centuries-old tablet saved the day.

"High dwellings are the peace and harmony of our descendants," the stone slab reads. "Remember the calamity of the great tsunamis. Do not build any homes below this point."

It was advice the dozen or so households of Aneyoshi heeded, and their homes emerged unscathed from a disaster that flattened low-lying communities elsewhere and killed thousands along Japan's northeastern shore.

Hundreds of such markers dot the coastline, some more than 600 years old. Collectively they form a crude warning system for Japan, whose long coasts along major fault lines have made it a repeated target of earthquakes and tsunamis over the centuries".


Men build out of an excess of Yang energy, when the new Yin influence pours in during the Age of Aquarius (4th and 7th rays) this yin will become a more important influence in all departments of life. New construction materials will be revealed as men understand and honor the deva evolution. Materials that are both flexible and resilient such as carbon fibers which are stronger them steel but are still flexible. Discoveries in nano-technologies taking place right now may also revolution the way things are built in the future.



Be sure to include in your alignments, the obvious, an overshadowing of the men and women who are on the front lines of this disaster in Japan and who need clear thinking to make intelligent decisions.

Blessings and Light




----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Gwendolyn Reece /span>
Subject: Psychopompe and Japan


Hello All:


Clearly there is a huge need for psychopompe work in Japan right now, so I thought I would share what I experienced on my journey for that purpose yesterday.


I went with my teacher to Japan...and it is just so overwhelming, my mind couldn't take it in.  The first thing I can say is that everyone is in shock...the living and the dead.  Unlike when we went to Haiti, where we were a little later, I think, and people were at least reacting, yesterday, most everyone was just stunned and not terribly reactive...living and dead.


There was a stunningly beautiful being who is the Japanese Goddess of the Sun.  I didn't know anything about her, but I found her since and am attaching a link.  I couldn't pull out her name, but I can tell you now it is Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun and ruler of the Higher Celestial Plain.  She is indigenous to Japan.  Actually, when trying to get her name, what I got was Seiko (like the watch) but apparently it means exquisite.  That would be the closest Japanese word in my consciousness anywhere to describe her.  I could see her - she was in a golden kimono that had pink flowers the color of cherry blossoms decorating it.  Her hair was up and held up with ornaments.  She literally shines with light that is beautiful and life-giving, but not burning.  Wait till you see the picture.  Some manga person saw her, too!   Anyway, what we did was to call down bridges of sunlight that would take people up to her, and then my teacher and I assumed the forms of her maidens and were waking people out of their stupors.  The sunlight bridges were kind of like calling the rainbow bridge that I have used numerous times to get to the upper worlds (one of my favorite modes of transport).  We opened one on a beach, one in the city, one in a smaller town/village or something - hard to tell as it is totally devastated, and one in a more wilderness area.  Some of the animals also went up.  


I took one of the sunbeams up to see where we were taking them...and it looks like a golden version of old Kyoto.  It is BEAUTIFUL.  Everything that I think of as being red was golden.  There was a general golden glow to everything, too.  It looks like an idealized version of old Japan.  I think Amaterasu may be there because (again I didn't know this, but I since looked it up) she is both the Sun Goddess and, apparently, the being who the Japanese royal family traces its lineage to.  Apparently Japanese "tribes" were originally ruled by the Priestess/Queen of Amaterasu.  She's the mother of the Japanese people and I think she was there because the dead don't just need the psychopompe work, they need to be restored to themselves from the shock.  I think she is taking them not into the traditional Japanese place of the dead, but what I saw is Japanese Land of the Gods of the Sky - Takamagahara.  


So, if anyone else wants to do the work, take a look for Amaterasu.  Calling the sunlight bridges is easy - it's just connecting with her and reaching up with your mind and making a bridge or channel for the light to shine down in a big beam, kind of like a rainbow but all of sunlight. It just gently carries anyone who steps into it up to her.  The big thing, other than calling the bridge, seems to be helping people wake from their shock enough to get on it.




If you think there is someone who could benefit from seeing this note or who may be interested and able to do the work, please feel free to forward.  I think that even a prayer to Amaterasu to help the dead couldn't go amiss.  


Love and Light,



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