The origin of the stanzas of dzyan and the 7 cosmic paths.

For an analyses of the fiery whirlwind, vortex and orphic egg shape see the site below. It includes some insights into the works of AAB and HPB as well as quantum physics. The whirlwind is more then an artistic or poetic metaphor but an actual energy body or gateway built between different levels of spiritual reality or dimensions. This article - book composed of many chapters is full of many original colored plates and pictures which make comprehension of these different archaic subjects more easy to assimilate intuitively and from the higher mind. It is the writers opinion that many of these questions about the Stanzas of Dzyan as well as the 7 Cosmic Paths and their correct interpretation can only be comprehended by direct intuitive perception and not simply the deductive analyses of the lower mind.

It is only from the higher mind, heart and spiritual Will that can see these profound subjects in their true depth and clarity. Here is the opening quote to this book taken from the works of HPB.

Best DC

"The symbol of an egg also expresses the fact taught in Occultism that the primordial form of everything manifested, from atom to globe, from man to angel, is spheroidal, the sphere being with all nations the emblem of eternity and infinity—a serpent swallowing its tail. To realize the meaning, however, the sphere must be thought of as seen from its centre."

Helen P. Blavatsky. Secret Doctrine Vol. 1, p. 94

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