In the event any One is interested in reading this: beware my syntax is sinuous and my logic leans to the Left

The SpecialKCe :::
Pope Red Shifty : Truth Speaker : Spiritual Seer : Eternal Believer : Wisdom Seeker : Divine Dreamer : Twilight Tweaker :Twisted Thinker : Cosmic Convener ::::

My blog would be a stream of consciousness poetic statement of Truth I
have gleaned over the years on every manner of meaningful thought one
comes across on the path less taken.

..........................................................for example here is a lil diddy i did on Prometheanism:

Prometheanism is the philosophy of the individual. It means alowing the significance in one's character
and action to be as it must according to individuality, and not
essentially eliminate obstacles in the way, but pave straight through
the popular fray of reality while creatively explaining the edges away.
It does have to do with success as a process, but clearly success is
different for different people at different times. Self-expression does
not equate with the purpose of a life, much less "the meaning of life."
Prometheanism does not claim to offer "the meaning of life" or that
there is such a thing to be known. It simply advocates life and being
on the side of the cause of life. If somehow we are satisfied with what
meaning we find following that cause, all the more justified above and
wiser below. However, the process of living, itself, evokes purpose for
the sake of self-interest glorified as a manifest sublunary journey
worth every waking hour of darkness I abate or mistake I tribulate.
Still the innocent are the same as the cursed of society - lost in the
worst ways we suffer the glory our fated days and wind up wondering why
destiny's parade became a crusade intricately portrayed as a noble
masquerade of mankind unmade. Each of us born to describe and imbibe
the peculiar nature we extract and embrace the agonizing heartache
pervading space itself bent on time spent dissenting popular consent: I
resent the world I must reluctantly consent to represent defense I
claim The SpecialKCe undeniably delirious, deranged, and god damned holy
testament. The stronger we are as individuals, the more independent and
exceptional we tend to become. For maximized self-expression, every
individual needs full personal freedom to express themselves in thought
and action, with personal responsibility to bear both repercussions and
rewards. This independence can be difficult at times, but we need to
strive to express ourselves on our own, anyway. The choices made and
the actions taken in freedom may be imperfect, but the process will
strengthen people, increase their ability and improve their
self-interest, to make them more likely to improve their own life and
the lives of others. Amorality means independence from moralities, and
in a larger sense really follows from independence from orthodoxy in
general. Amorality serves those who are strong enough for its
independence, and will behave respectfully because of this strength,
despite not having a code of good and bad behavior, or a mythos of good
and evil to live by. Prometheanism stresses open-minded and
experimental thinking in other ways too, but also understanding for
those who have become dependent upon more conventional and supposedly
enduring assumptions, and habitual psychological frameworks.

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