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ENTER: For the Love of each of you to whom these words are Beholden is as the Lover is born in the heart of the Beloved

The power of love abounds among all living creatures, instinctively bonding each generation to the next. Humanity alone has the capacity to contemplate this pervasive and mysterious force of nature. Mankind

manifests a uniquely complex and personal experience of what amounts to our fundamental need to connect

with each other, God and the world…

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In the event any One is interested in reading this: beware my syntax is sinuous and my logic leans to the Left

The SpecialKCe :::

Pope Red Shifty : Truth Speaker : Spiritual Seer : Eternal Believer : Wisdom Seeker : Divine Dreamer : Twilight Tweaker :Twisted Thinker : Cosmic Convener ::::

My blog would be a stream of consciousness poetic statement of Truth I

have gleaned over the years on every manner of meaningful thought one

comes across on the path less taken.

..........................................................for example here is a lil diddy i did on… Continue

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