ENTER: For the Love of each of you to whom these words are Beholden is as the Lover is born in the heart of the Beloved

The power of love abounds among all living creatures, instinctively bonding each generation to the next. Humanity alone has the capacity to contemplate this pervasive and mysterious force of nature. Mankind
manifests a uniquely complex and personal experience of what amounts to our fundamental need to connect
with each other, God and the world around us. Emotionally, these feelings unite our families and the communities upon which modern society is built. Spiritually, our world’s religions strive to unite us with the Absolute in ways that transcend the common human condition. Even our passion for music, art and so forth is the proliferation of love. More importantly, it is the means by which our lives are made meaningful.

Plutarch said of love, “All other pleasures are not worth their pains.” Theosophy regards love as the “deification of persons” by which we become God-like through our ties to each other. Madame Blavatsky further illustrates the divine nature of love when she said that “the magnetism of pure love is the originator of every created thing.” The great transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson alludes to the elusive quality of love when he wrote that “love is not of our own will, but above it; it is not in you, but dwells in your radiance; it is that which you do not know yourself, nor can you ever hope to.” Love is a peculiar and fickle entity; at once capable of profound and fervent devotion while also responsible for devastating and immeasurable suffering in the same human heart. It is for this reason that love has such a dominion over our lives and one would be foolish not to expect the full gamut of its nature over time.

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