The three Guna’s

Attaches no value judgments on the three properties.Try to control them, not to suppress.
They are like three colours can be distinguished but not separated.There is always a dominant one.You state yourself as a thinker at the helm, you can decide which property that some time is needed.

                                  ACTIVITY -  PASSIVITY  - HARMONY

 You can change your soul as a learning focus on the divine part of your being or your vehicular side of your nature. The example being given in the 2 vendors of Gandhi. Through one window you can see how it is and the other how it should be.

In passive thinkers as drink and drugs in the game is controlling the mind nearly gone, they create holes in their complexity. There is thus more room for other influences. Schizophrenia, anxiety disorders and psychosis are also examples.The astral world has for some people the effect they call it "spiritual" experience.
However, they are losing control over their thinking and living under the influence of others.There is little spiritual to resonate with others in a low area of thought.The astral world is indeed something more ethereal than the physical world. Many artists chimneys on the astral planes. Imperishable art is of a different quality. That is timeless and incorruptible in the sense of quality. She speaks of an inner beauty that everyone recognizes.

We need conscious thinkers in society, who live in the THINK HIGHER ASPECTS.Most of the people is a follower, living in the lower mind aspects.Our world has powerful thinkers need of a certain quality.
We live in the Kali Yuga, rapid growth is the hallmark of this "Iron Age".The wisdom lies in the street, and we do not see it. The question is why do not we? We are the 4 lower mind focused aspects, while we think the 3 higher aspects should develop.The road up is decided in our own thinking. We are that way, that stream of consciousness.

What triggerd us to other, more noble thoughts come?
You'll need to call in yourself. Every thinking man knows the 3 higher aspects within themselves.
We recognize these thoughts immediately because they are in our lives in our inspirational thinking, understanding and insight and intellect. If we do more self-conscious in our work we want to make them have to live in ourselves. This is to train. If we think more in that sphere of life sentence we thought that mental atmosphere of that quality to others. Thoughts are living things.

We should have more people see it as a stream of consciousness that temporarily enveloped in many vehicles including a body of flesh. When we die pulls back the consciousness and the body dies, falls off in this earthly realm. Then we leave this and go to the astral plane where we leave our desires. Our spiritual experiences we take them to an area called Devachan, where we migrated our ideals.

The earth as a global arena where various "performances" playing.
It is the image of the world where different amounts of souls on the various presentations come off depending on the attraction. The world is not crowded but there are many human souls who are attracted to know this "idea".
It many searching and wandering souls in the current time. Fortunately there are in this time of rapid change (Kali Yuga) the necessary guides and designate more from the higher mind aspects of thinking and acting. Create an open mind and be open to the ideas of others. Ponder
them independently and then choose. Get out of your cave and go in the Sunlight. You know Plato's cave where people own illusions for realities in the mind keeps. It is up to ourselves to escape from Plato's cave.

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