After watching the movie “Doubt” (also a Play). I wanted to write this essay on the subject. I loved the movie “Doubt” by the way. It was superbly done and has great critical acclaims. The story of Doubt has very little to do what I am about to say but I could not resist the “plug”…

Now for the concept of doubt; many New Age authors claim to have been guided or met supernatural beings. Some people lap it up while others show disdain and contempt.

What is the truth behind such outrageous claims of connecting with divine presents, channeling old souls and other New Age phenomena?

Ascended masters or as I call them High Souls or Mahatmas are around and walk the streets and ride public transportation. It is very rare, I might add, that they would connect to mere humans while revealing their status as true Masters.
Having said this I agree with the general skepticism in regards of claims of “meeting with ascended” masters, a trend that by the way is still being done by new authors and self-proclaimed “sages”.
Usually the motive of such claim is the purpose of self-promotion. This whole business is Ego enlargement for the sake of monetary gains and book sales.
I simply do not know whether such claims are true or not. I try to eliminate “doubt” from my mind and vocabulary.
As I have said, the likelihood of a Mahatma revealing of being a mahatma is a long shot by any measure. It is said (and by a real Guru, I might add) that if a Mahatma by circumstance somehow gets found out, he would drop everything and disappear forever.

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Comment by Susan Thomas on June 12, 2009 at 8:56am
I totally agree, Leadbeater ruined the society singlehandedly, for the reason you mentioned and many more. I just remembered reading that and understood where william would get the info that the masters do not walk among us.
Comment by andrasnm on June 12, 2009 at 1:28am
I have never read that book, but as far as his insights, my teacher's guru never much applauded it, or his writings...Charles Webster Leadbeater
I could be bias but he also had that sordid affair with krishnamurti, well I do not put much credence in "Masters and the Path" and in Leadbeater, but "your mileage may wary"....
Comment by Susan Thomas on June 12, 2009 at 12:40am
This is an interesting thread. As for what andrasnm points out, I have to agree that there are great souls that walk among us, as Guatama Buddha did, and he never claimed he was a Mahatma to my knowledge. On the other hand, as William points out Ledbeater wrote in Masters and the Path that the "masters" hide out in the Himalayas and only use one cup, plate and utensils for the entirety of their extremely long lives, and really never get down into the gritty world beside us anymore.
So, I think both observations are probably accurated. Maybe the Masters and the way they do things are as diverse as the rest of our cultures?
As for having met a "Master," what would be the purpose of : a) even knowing it, and b) telling anyone about it?
Anybody who believes that some glitzy hollywood type is channelling any "Master" teaching is on a very long path around a very high mountain in my opinion. And making money off of channelling is a real challenge to the path of right livelihood, imho.
This is a sparkly discussion, I hope there is a lot more input!
Comment by andrasnm on June 12, 2009 at 12:30am
Do not get me wrong, all actions of the masters are with a distinct purpose, to serve a cause. At least this is what used to be. Indeed we are contaminated and hanging out at the Starbucks would only happen for a very good reason....Do not forger however that being in the proximity of a Master can alter a recipient and hence alter the course of history being made. In these contemporary times, most gurus and master are on the subtle plain I suspect.
Comment by william bradley crawford on June 12, 2009 at 12:01am
It seems to me that a member of such a noble group would walk about,in our cities and hanging-out at
Starbucks with the sort of dread I would feel walking in to get a tooth pulled. I doubt the masters would
allow themselves the contamination of such loose familiar associations. I certainly am no authority on
the activities of the masters, but I think a healthy dose of scepticism is duly appropriate. We study the
reports of some whom we might beleive to have met a Mahatma, and such an occurence is always for
the purpose of something grand and results in a true opportunity for the betterment of all humanity.

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