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Late White Lotus Day Meditation

Hi all,

I just wrote a blogpost on my Modern Theosophy Blog and not till I was finished did I notice it was the day after White Lotus. Here it is: 

Theosophists must excuse me for once more butting in where I no longer have any business. I was thinking just now about where the Theosophical Movement went wrong. When did, in…


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I'm no longer a member of the Theosophical Society

As I just posted on my Modern Theosophy blog, I resigned my membership this morning. 

Just thought you'd all want to know. Here's my full explanation: http://www.moderntheosophy.com/2011/member-theosophical-society/

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Start your own spiritual blog

I know, you can blog here too. However, for those of you who want a less specific theosophical place to blog, or simply want a change... here's the deal.


I took over Mystic Minds two months ago or so because the owner just could not manage it any more. 


Today I finally got around to setting it up so that new people can sign up to start their own blog with decent anti-spam measures in place so I'll…


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Theosophical organisational issues

I've been neglecting you all. I'm sorry - the last months of the year are the busiest, for my online publishing work (which pays my bills). Here's what I've written about the present and future of the Theosophical Society:


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Theosophical books out 2010

2010 has proven itself an interesting year when it comes to new literature for the classic theosophy theosophist - aka the Blavatsky and Mahatmas fan.

First we had Reflections on an Ageless Wisdom, by Joy Mills - which is an excellent commentary on the Chronological Mahatma letters.

And now we have…


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Theosophical work, intention and motive, Auroville and more

What’s the theosophical work?

Sep 07, 2010 04:29 am

We live in strange times. I grew up saving newspaper clippings of interesting facts, stories and opinions I’d found. My parents did the

same. Why? Because the only way to be sure of details that…


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More pictures from the World Congress

Here is a collection of pictures by Tom Dede, who gave me permission to post them on my blog:


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Spirituality as a defense, don't give up quotes, Patanjali and Alice Bailey

A change in blog policy

Written by Anonymous on Jul 07, 2010 09:44…


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All my posts about the World Congress in Rome

I think I'm just about done reporting about the World Congress, though pictures will follow. I put up a last version of my posts about the congress on my own blog 'Modern Theosophy'. Here's an overview:


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Review: Reflections on an Ageless Wisdom: A Commentary on The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett

The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett is one of the books that is central

to theosophical literature. I read, and reread it a lot, in the early

years of my being involved with the Theosophical Society and it's one of

the books I based my first online project on 'The Esoteric Studies


Joy Mills is famous in the Theosophical Society Adyar for her in depth

study of these letters. She's… Continue

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The Theosophical World Congress evaluated

I came to the World Congress mainly for the people - as I do for any theosophical meeting. And the people were great. I met inspiring and hard working people from all over the world, and have learned about theosophical issues and activities all over the world. I do think in general the atmosphere of this congress was great: relaxed, friendly, cheerful even.

In planning such a congress I do think there are two possible roads to take:

  1. Going for a theosophical theme…

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Heard in the hallway of the Theosophical World Congress

  • When the word 'selfish' is used, it usually means there is a moral judgement of someone else involved.
  • As the Americans say 'walk the talk'... I think the amount of talk is inversely proportional to the mileage of the walk. -Edi Bilimoria
  • The easiest question to ask is the hardest to answer.
  • Because the real issues in the TS are not discussed openly resort to gossip as are only source of information.

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Heard by the pool of the Theosophical World Congress

I have never been to a theosophical meeting with so much technology: everybody is taking pictures with their own digital cameras. Live streaming and tv's at the back of the hall so everybody can see the speakers properly.

But the one feature of this congress that I think people most enjoy is the pool. It is large enough to take laps in and when it is hot - and it is hot - it is a relief to sit in the brieze by the water.

And sometimes conversations take place…


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overheard in the lecture hall - Tenth Theosophical World Congress

While we're listening to lectures on brotherhood, some people had some poignant remarks.

For instance, various suggestions were made to replace 'Dear Brothers and Sisters' with

  1. Dear friends, monads, and countrymen, lend me your ears
  2. Dear permanent atoms ...

Someone else thought that 'dear sister Jane' had a Catholic sound.

Then the insight that 'The last thing a theosophist needs is…


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Kim Dieu and other symposium lectures world congress, July 12th

See also the final version of my review of Kim Dieu's talk.

The introductions to this morning's symposium lectures was a white delegate from Central Africa. The delegates from Africa are, from what I've seen so far, a good mix of black, white and Indian. I met the delegates from Ghana personally and they followed the world cup (won by Spain yesterday) as fervently as people in Europe have. About the world cup final: About… Continue

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Dara Tatray at the Theosophical World Congress

Honestly - I had hoped Dara would go into how biology and psychology have shown that compassion is as much built into us as competition is. She didn't. Her talk was based on a definition of science which covered mostly physics and parapsychology.

It was very interesting, however it was impossible to take notes on. Dara uses very long sentences and lots of quotes. This did not make a boring talk though: She talk slowly and clearly and really did very well on a topic that the TS…


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P. Krishna at the Theosophical World Congress

This morning we had the lecture by Professor P. Krishna. His talk was inspiring. He talked about a lot that most of us have heard before: the interconnectedness of everything, ecology and how those isses are caused by people not realizing deeply enough that it's all us. This post is a combination of my notes from Krishna's talk and my own thoughts about the issues the TS is dealing with. It's loosely based also on my talks with individual theosophists at this congress.



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Linda Oliveira at the Theosophical World Congress about Brotherhood

I was foolish enough not to take my laptop to the International Theosophical World Congress, so instead of posting this on my blog (of which I don't know the password), I'll post it here.

I thought Linda Oliveira's talk was, in the main, insightful. The title was - ominously - 'why do we belong to the Theosophical Society?'

She started out saying that the question was perhaps surprising, but added that it was a necessary question and a deep…


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How does the Theosophical Society's organizational structure work?

Paul asked:

How does the Theosophical Society's organizational structure work, does it have a degree system like the Knightsof Columbus and the Masons do, or is it organized more like Toastmasters without any initiations or


Sorry Paul, that question wasn't appropriate to the post where you asked it, so I have deleted it there.

There are… Continue

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