Heard by the pool of the Theosophical World Congress

I have never been to a theosophical meeting with so much technology: everybody is taking pictures with their own digital cameras. Live streaming and tv's at the back of the hall so everybody can see the speakers properly.

But the one feature of this congress that I think people most enjoy is the pool. It is large enough to take laps in and when it is hot - and it is hot - it is a relief to sit in the brieze by the water.

And sometimes conversations take place that are well overhearing.

For instance: The TS is a unique organisation: if something does not work, we stick to it.

And: It is always said the TS is for the select few. It seems it is doing its utmost to get it there.

Last but not least (and totally unrelated): Those who tell others about being a supposed master, are initiates of their own egos.

That is it for now. Off to the question and answer session.

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