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Conferences on Peace Diet, Yoga and a transcript of a talk on Animal Rights Movement

Here is some info I received from Dr. Tuttle, a theosophist.


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Olcott Memorial School report on CNN

Here is an interesting report on CNN about Olcott Memorial School at Adyar. Enjoy the video.


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Theos Network Member in the Movie Bandslam (2009)

One of the members here, Manjeri Krishna, an actor, is in the new movie Bandslam to be released soon. It is a hip hop movie and Krishna appears as a DJ. He is a 4th generation theosophist.

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Theosophical Order of Service Website

Theosophical Order of Service has a nice website at:


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Construction of Highway at Adyar - You can help by sending your protest

----- Original Message -----

From: TOS International

Sent: Monday, June 29, 2009 11:15 AM

Subject: Message from Diana DC: our help is needed urgently to protect the Adyar Estate

Dear Friends,

The TS Estate at Adyar is under threat of a noisy motorway construction. Our help is needed. The President of the TOS in Chennai Region, Mr Maithreya, explains the situation below. Did you receive his message already? Apparently expressions of concern from around the… Continue

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Dr C V Agarwal - a well known theosophist passes away

Dr C.V. Agarwal


Dr Agarwal, the Presidential Representative

for Southeast Asia has recently passed to

higher service.


A retired professor of Technology at Benaras

Hindu University in Varanasi, Dr C.V. Agarwal

was a member of the Society from his

college days. He served as the General

Secretary of the Indian Section for very

many years. After his long stint at the Indian

Headquarters at Varanasi, he moved to

Adyar 15 years ago… Continue

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