Construction of Highway at Adyar - You can help by sending your protest

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From: TOS International
Sent: Monday, June 29, 2009 11:15 AM
Subject: Message from Diana DC: our help is needed urgently to protect the Adyar Estate

Dear Friends,

The TS Estate at Adyar is under threat of a noisy motorway construction. Our help is needed. The President of the TOS in Chennai Region, Mr Maithreya, explains the situation below. Did you receive his message already? Apparently expressions of concern from around the world will definitely have an impact on the final decision taken regarding the choice of site for the construction. Maithreya tells us that an alternative site for the proposed loop is over the river so there is a choice, it seems.

Here (attached in Word) is the letter I have just sent to the head of the Tamilnadu Urban Development Fund. I based it on the information Maithreya gives us below. In my position as international secretary of the TOS, I chose to emphasise the community service work offered at Adyar, but Maithreya gives us quite a few approaches to choose amongst. Your letters don’t have to be as long as mine, of course. In fact what counts is apparently not the length of the letters received but the number. I am attaching a series of much shorter statements drafted by Maithreya and myself for you to look at. Feel free to use any of them as the basis for a brief message.

In order for Maithreya to know how much pressure is being brought to bear on the government authorities by letters from us, it would be a help if we sent him a copy of what we write. His e-mail address is below. Don’t hesitate to contact him if you have any questions about something you want to say in your message.

Thank you for your help and my apologies if have already received Maithreya’s message and done the necessary.



P.S. One last thing: if you have TS or TOS letterhead to use – or your own impressive letterhead - use it! Your letter will naturally have more impact.

De : Maithreya CVK [mailto:maithreyacvk at]
Envoyé : jeudi 25 juin 2009 15:57
À : Diana Dunningham Chapotin
Objet : Proposed Adyar Corridor

Dear Diana,

This is to draw your urgent attention to the matter concerning the possible acquisition of a portion of the Adyar Estate near the main gate for a road project. The details are given below for your suitable and urgent action:-


The Government of Tamilnadu has proposed a three-tier elevated corridor which will run in concentric circles around and across the city of Chennai. A portion of this will run over the front part of the Adyar Estate of The Theosophical Society [a photograph is attached]. The Adyar Poonga Trust that is driving this project has engaged Wilbur Smith Associates, a consultancy company to make the plan and make the presentations. Meetings were held to consult the public, NGOs and experts. The TS & TOS were adequately represented. Besides, petitions have been made. Print and electronic media were also briefed. Many reports in leading newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express and The Times of India have highlighted the pros and cons of this project. The details of this project can be seen on the website, in the section entitled ‘Notice Board’ on the homepage. [This is the website of the Tamilnadu Urban Development Fund.]

The matter needs the urgent attention of the international community of members and well-wishers of The Theosophical Society. Petitions have to be made to the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the TNUDF and letters have to be written to the Editors of the newspapers. I have personally kept the International President informed, and she is aware of the plan to do this.

Recommended action

1. Letters to Mr. K. Phanindra Reddy I.A.S., the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the TNUDF, who is a government official, protesting against the move to run the project through the estate and petitioning him to look at the alternate of running the loop over the river. His e-mail id is mdceo at

2. Letters to the Editors of the above-mentioned newspapers. The Internet provides information on these newspapers.

3. Articles in the newspapers, highlighting the work of the TS, its Social Welfare Centre and the TOS.

Points to be included in the communication

1. The history of the TS and its contribution to the freedom movement in India as also its service to the underprivileged through the Olcott School, the Social Welfare Centre and the TOS. It is important to include in this the various places of worship on the Adyar Estate and the ones outside, where our workmen and other villagers worship, which could be disturbed by this project. The Sri Sankara School too is in the vicinity, and will be affected.

2. Highlighting the contribution of Col.H.S.Olcott to the cause of education for the underprivileged as also the Swadeshi cause.

3. Highlighting the fact that A.O.Hume was the ‘Father of the Indian National Congress’

4. Writing about Dr.Annie Besant’s contribution to the Home Rule Movement, her work for education and her having been the Chairperson of the Indian National Congress.

5. Drawing the attention of the reader to the fact that the membership of the TS included luminaries in India like Gandhiji, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Justice Subramania Iyer and Dr.Bhagwan Das.

6. The service provided by the Social Welfare Centre to the underprivileged women and children.

7. The free medical service provided by the Theosophical Order of Service to the underprivileged and the various relief, rehabilitation and women empowerment projects of the TOS in Tamilnadu.

8. The valuable work of the main-gate bookshop of the Theosophical Publishing House and the various books & translations it sells, including the Thirukural of Thiruvalluvar [the most renowned Poet-Saint of Tamilnadu].

We, at Chennai, look forward to the cooperation of members and well-wishers across the world.

Kind regards.

Yours sincerely,



Madras Theosophical Federation


Theosophical Order of Service, Chennai Region

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Comment by M. Sufilight on July 22, 2009 at 3:05pm
Well each to his or her Path...Or should I say road. :-)
The Law of Karma is swift.
Comment by Charles Cosimano on July 20, 2009 at 8:53pm
I must confess that I doubt an official in India is going to be greatly impressed by comments about one of his road projects from a person in Wisconsin.

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