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Mosley's "Socrates Fortlow" Series of Novels

Mosley's "Socrates Fortlow" Series of Novels

By Walter Mosley:

- "Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned."

- "Walkin' the Dog"

- "The Right Mistake: The Further Philosophical Investigations of Socrates Fortlow," Basic Books, 269pp, 2008

Mosley is a prolific novelist, but these three are my favorites. These are pretty crude books, but realistically so, and the crudity isn't over-riding, or a mask for lack of writing ability or worthwhile ideas. Socrates… Continue

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broad communication

Communication is undergoing a revolution. This will impact our conversations about religion, politics, and society. IP PBX and Satelite Internet are making our world a closer knit place. I am interested in what you guys think the impact will be on religious conversation. Will these… Continue

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What Does God Believe?

Among the numerous contradictory misconceptions about God, there is the assumption many traditional believers have about what God believes. The Nov. 30, 2009 edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) revealed that the belief in God having beliefs is typical throughout the American society. In the PNAS survey, participants reported their own belief about an issue, their estimate of God's belief on that issue, along with a variety of other people including Microsoft’s Bill… Continue

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Spirituality and Political Action (Book Review)

Jude M. Antonyappan

The Way It IS

(Center for Social Action Through Spirituality

PO Box 601614, Sacramento, CA 95860, 2001, 223pp.).

Mary Byles in her book on the Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi, The Lotus and the Spinning Wheel, writes “There is a middle way between rushing in trying to effect reforms when still filled with feelings of innate hatred and ill-will and not trying to effect those reforms at all until such feelings have been killed. It will always be… Continue

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10 December -Human Rights Day

If synthesis is to be a major aspect of the coming age, it is useful to look at an important ealier effort at synthesis -that of the Roman Stoics. From the discussions and differeing philosophical traditions found in the Mediterranean world, they developed the concept of the person and then the citizen, concepts which have come down to us as pointed out in this essay marking December 10 -Human Rights Day;

Human Rights: The Emergence of the Person

Rene Wadlow

All human… Continue

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Mindfulness exercises, religion trivia, buddhism gifts, etc.

Wishing you all a great month full of holiday cheer.

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