Sacred Geometry did not really interest me in all my years of research until recently because I saw no practical uses for it other than creating pretty pictures.  In the past in conducting my researches I called upon my cognitive abilities to create the diagrams I needed to explain myself.

My work on Dante Alighieri's La Divina Commedia had me conjuring up a 10 x 10 matrix: a commentary on the MONAD, which I would later come to call the UNIVERSAL MATHEMATICAL MATRIX and it fit perfectly to Dante's work.  I would later come to realize that all sacred literature around the world was structured by its educative principles.

However, recently I got into deeper researches relating to the breakdown of Hebrew words letter by letter and the concepts that I was coming up with needed forced me to study sacred geometry.  The moment I get into it the Vesica Piscis and the FLOWER OF LIFE are discussed and of course the Platonic Solids.  I understood the Vesical Piscis and how it was created and the theory behind it representing both the material and spiritual realms coming together in unity.

One of the Sacred Geometry courses that was conducted on the Internet was by Charles Gilchrist on YOUTUBE and he is quite excellent in his presentations.  He mentioned and demonstrates that the FLOWER OF LIFE comes out the MONAD, which right away peaked my interest because that is how I developed the matrix, which I know was how the Genesis creation account was structured spiritually and materially.  In the researches that I am conducting now I am seeing several words (LIGHT, ELOHYM, FIRMAMENT, HEAVEN) contemplatively all representing the Vesical Piscis, which is well grounded in the FLOWER OF LIFE diagram.  So it became obvious to me that Genesis was also a product of the FLOWER OF LIFE.  There was simply no denying it. 

As you can see the UNIVERSAL MATHEMATICAL MATRIX is but one of the sides of the cube of space, which the FLOWER OF LIFE, resides in. The FLOWER OF LIFE is the cube of the matrix that I had developed almost twenty-years ago (1995).  The matrix is a 10 x 10 square = 100.  The FLOWER OF LIFE in a three-dimensional form would represent 1000 or in Hebrew it would be a large ALEPH, which is said to have the Gemetria value of 1000.

Bringing the matrix and the circles together in my analysis has allowed me to understand why BETH (2) the first letter of Genesis was chosen to head the TORAH.  Notice that it is the fixed signs of the Zodiac 2, 5 and 8 that are not covered by the rim of the cycles.  Notice that the matrix takes note of the original VESICA PISCIS enclosed within the red and blue circles.

If you read the first verse of Genesis properly you will realize that it is conveying what happened in the EMPYREAN in the beginning. Aleph is the first letter and that is what the first verse is saying, 'within Aleph' "Elohym separated the beginning and ends of the heavens and the beginning and ends of the earth".

It is not talking about the beginning of the material world.  It is speaking about the protection of the soul/psyche from its own imagination (the heavens - plural).  The word EARTH symbolically represents the soul/psyche.  So actually within the container FLOWER OF LIFE is what is called the imaginations of the psyche and soul is protected from that illusion.

Another definition for the science of GEOMETRY may well be that it allows for the conceptualization of the concepts that the sacred scriptures are putting forth esoterically.

For example: here in the above diagram we see the number two (2 + 2 = heavens - plural) are separated out from the soul.  Note that all the pedals in the FLOWER OF LIFE parts of rims of circles; whereas, the numbers 2, 5 and 8 represent fixed idea as in a straight line. 

Here we have two different symbols: UNIVERSAL MATHEMATICAL MATRIX and the FLOWER OF LIFE contemplatively coming out of the MONAD. The UNIVERSAL MATHEMATICAL MATRIX represents a flat two-dimensional surface and the FLOWER OF LIFE is obviously meant to represent a three-dimentional image.  The multiple nuances that is coming out of this is for me astounding because it is giving me a whole new venue to reason from.

Finally, let me point out that the comparative analysis of the matrix and the FLOWER OF LIFE brought to the fore another interpretation that may interest some.  As you know the Vesica Piscis is the bringing together the spiritual and the material as noted in the red and blue circles; however, one represents the EXOTERIC and the other the ESOTERIC.  In other words one is never witness by the material vision.  Thus you would actually see only one of the circles at all times.  Is it not interesting that the symbol shown in the FLOWER OF LIFE looks very much like the WINGED SUN found above the Temple doors throughout EGYPT.  We now know the origin of that symbolism and it was not discovered by an archeologist.

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Comment by William John Meegan on August 9, 2013 at 1:10am


If you are interested in the TRANSCENDENT FUNCTION.  I recommend a book by Jeffery Miller, which you can get on Amazon as a paper back or Ebook: The Transcendent Function: Jung's Model of Psychological Growth Thr...

What Jeffery Miller does in this book is search out Carl Jung writings and he discusses each time he refers to the TRANSCENDENT FUNCTION.  In fact Jung wrote a paper on it early in his career and put in a drawer and it was found by students in the early fifties.  He then slightly rework the text but basically kept it as it originally was.

I take the Transcendent Function to be similar if not symbolically the same as the Eucharist in the Catholic Church's Mass.

Easy does it.

Comment by Paige on August 9, 2013 at 12:27am

There are lots of symbolisms in this, and I thank you for explaining what you had in your post and I had enjoyed reading your comment you had made to David as well because it was very thorough. I had not known that the I Ching had been concoted from by this same matrix (which is indicated within side your comment to David.)  I tend to aggre with that our world is based upon opposites attracting one another like that of the yin (feminine) and like that of the yang (masculine) energies, however now I am wanting to find out more on the third option you had mentioned in your comment to David which was about what CG Jung was calling the Transcendant Function now. I am a believer of Jung's dream archetypes and have even invested in buying a Tarot card deck recently based on these archetypes but had not known about this third function until now. I am just realizing that it is that both the matrix and the Flower of Life go on and on and on. The part on MONAD is the area I need to understand better, and the facts about the moon cycles I did not know about until now. Very nice comments and very nice comments here. :) 

Comment by William John Meegan on June 7, 2013 at 12:02am


I just completed a work on the Catholic Church's artwork and I demonstrate that the Sistine Chapel is full of what is called occult sciences.  I believe what was heretical was teaching the esoteric science outside of the ordained Mystery School or possibly the Priesthood.  The sacred scriptures are full of such esoteric teachings and I have been at it for almost forty years.

As I pointed out in my original post.  Both these symbols the UNIVERSAL MATHEMATICAL MATRIX: Prima Materia and the FLOWER OF LIFE are both derived from the MONAD independently.  Mathematics in and of itself by itself is not the issue.  It is a very small aspect of esotericism.  The matrix is shown all over the world.  The I Ching was created by it, the blueprints of Hindu Temples were devised by it and it was used to structure sacred literature.  The FLOWER OF LIFE cannot be replaced by it nor can the FLOWER OF LIFE replace the matrix.  The fact is the matrix like the Flower of Life does go out infinitely.

We live in a world of opposites and I believe that the matrix and the Flower of Life are opposites working harmoniously together esoterically: to create a third option: this is what is called the Eucharist or Kundalini or what CG Jung called the Transcendent Function.  My superimposing the matrix over the FLOWER OF LIFE clarifies concepts out of the first chapter of Genesis I have been working with for almost four decades.  I have been working with the matrix for less than two decades.

It matters very little to me what Dante's poem is about.  It is an allegorical interpretation of the first chapter of Genesis on an esoteric level as is all Christian art.  His use of the 10 x 10 matrix and the sophisticated mathematical system codified to the compositional structure of La Divina Commedia taught me a great deal about esotericism and how it can be codified to literature.  It does not matter what the storyline of the texts is.  It is rather about what the esoteric science is teaching the initiate about his soul.

The mathematics sciences may teach the student about point, line and circle; however, point, line and circle explain to me extraordinary difficult religious concepts laid out in Genesis.  Point, line and circle are merely objective ways that allow the mystic to envisage the inexplicable.

For example: the first letter of the bible is called BETH; however, BETH is inundated and surrounded by another letter called PEI, which is not seen.  It is in the white area of page; thus, in contemplating BETH we are viewing but half the problem presented.  Throughout the bible the second half of the problem is always missing.  Now BETH is also a word spelt out Beth-Yud-Tav.  Beth is a container, Yud represents Yahweh the Sun (according to the Jewish mystical work the Zohar).  Tav represents the Mark on the Forehead, waters or door.  Any letter in Gemetria can take on the attributes of letters that have the same lowest common denominator.  In this case the first two verses of Genesis is a commentary on the first word of Genesis: BERESHITH.

Thus the problem presented to the religious person reading and contemplating the letter BETH is that it is analogous to a Dyson Sphere.  In the center of that Dyson Sphere is the Sun = ego-consciousness and then there are the waters beneath.  So you can grasp that the sphere is the circle and the sun is the center-point of that Dyson Sphere.

Because I know that the Moon circles the earth I know that our earth is within a binary system: not two suns but rather a sun and moon binary system.  I also know through sacred geometry that the dot in relationship to the rim of the circumference of the circle it is within represents the distance of the radius, which would represent the straight line; thus, we have defined the dot, line and circle within the context of the problem presented by the letter BETH.  The Moon circling the earth as the earth circles the Sun etches out many Vesica Piscis.  The letter PEI as it surrounds the letter BETH represents the Moon.  In fact the Gemetria value of PEI is 81: the number nine squared, which is the Kamea of the Moon.

So it is not a problem of mathematics; rather, it is the initiate trying to grasp how he obtained the birth of consciousness in this world.  The letter BETH has the Gemetria value of 412, which is a septenary, which CG Jung comments on as the Birth of Consciousness.

You may think that I am putting too much into the symbolism: actually, what I just discussed is explained in greater detail in the main body of the texts of the first chapter of Genesis on an esoteric level.

It may interest you to know that the MONAD is the original source via the matrix and the Flower of Life that inspired the bible.  This makes the bible a peripheral document rather than a source material.

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