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PBR Theorem in Quantum Mechanics

A new paper was published this month. A overview is here: On the reality of the quantum state The preprint on Arxiv is here: Arxiv preprint…

Started by John

0 Jun 1, 2012


Science Updates - Current Ethics and Humanitrian Concerns/News.

I'll be adding current news of special interest.

Started by John

5 May 17, 2012
Reply by John

Complex Systems Science, the science of Mind?

I was led to while researching an argument projecting the Ontological Primacy of Consciousness. This argument was motivated o…

Started by Wes Hansen

0 Mar 16, 2012


The Science ThePublic The Politics => The Good The Bad The Ugly

Occasionally things show up on the desk that have much to say about the issues facing Science with respect to Policy, the Public, the Polit…

Started by John

2 Feb 10, 2012
Reply by John

Emerging Tech

This is the realm of speculation.  For those who like to predict the future, please write down your guessess and what kind of impact you th…

Started by Joe Fulton

4 Jan 22, 2012
Reply by Joe Fulton

Technology News

I am a geek, no two ways about it and I like geeky tech news things, so when something interesting comes about it'll show up here. Please f…

Started by Joe Fulton

4 Dec 26, 2011
Reply by morry secrest

Is it the Right Thing to Do?

Technology is a many edged sword.  It allows new possibilities but also demands responsibility.  What should we do?  What shouldn't we do a…

Started by Joe Fulton

1 Dec 11, 2011
Reply by morry secrest

Biology and Life Sciences

Much of our world has been transformed by our understanding of DNA, viruses, and bacteria.  Genetic engineering is a fact of life and there…

Started by Joe Fulton

2 Dec 10, 2011
Reply by morry secrest


General discussion of physics, spiritual issues and how it all affects us.  In recent years we have seen any number of books, from the Tao…

Started by Joe Fulton

4 Dec 1, 2011
Reply by John


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