This is the realm of speculation.  For those who like to predict the future, please write down your guessess and what kind of impact you think it will have, whether good, bad or indifferent.

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I think that, in the near future, communications will continue to improve.

Back in the late 1800's, the best and fastest communication was done by railroads and by regular ships at sea.  For example, communication between England and India was accomplished by a weekly packet boat.  Not long after, radio became established as a useful means of communication.  Telegraph, then telephone since then.  The technology of communication has been not just improving, but improving at a faster rate as time goes on.  It is accelerating.

What is surprising to me is the degree to which humans are adapting to the fastest technologies available.  The concept of connecting one's body into the internet will eventually include direct downloads into the brain.  I can see this happening with music, as audio files, and with movies and TV shows, as audio-visual files. 

Even today, riding on the bus many folks are listening to their favorite shows and music.  Being plugged into the internet, through the transmission along the cellphone towers, is a natural extension.  I can guess that telephone communications will piggyback on top of that. 

This speculation comes from extending current technological growth a little into the future, and from anticipating the degree to which individuals will accept a direct connection into the web.  Those who choose to participate would each gain great communication capacity; and very likely would lose a good deal of privacy. 

Entertainers would certainly make use of this technology; Newscasters, sportscasters, weatherfolk, perhaps on a part-time basis.  Musicians would like it, and visual artists could make good use of it, I would think.  I wonder how novelists would adapt to this technology.

Perhaps an outfit like Industrial Light and Magic, which creates such astounding visual effects for movies, could develop a package of tools on a web site, accessible to folks with a brain implant.  These folks could then create whole movies, right on the web, solely out of their own imagination.  Might be too much for one person alone, but perhaps a team of folks could get together and combine their talents. 

This is along the line of several communal efforts I have seen lately, where a group of writers get together and write a whole novel within a very short period of time, using the internet.  Just the very fact that it can be done, is amazing to me.

One possible assumption is that the quantum effect is closely linked to consciousness.  Schroedinger's cat lives or dies, but only after conscious awareness of its state has occured.  Lots of our technolgy is incorporating more and more quantum devices.  In a very limited sense, we are already seeing the effects of quantum activity, and it is likely that this will increase.  Some research teams are already making progress in reading the activity of the brain, and having the computer identify what activity is occuring in the brain.

Projection:  Microsoft has the bucks to develop a mind-reading cap for a game console.  If successful, it will be snapped up by medical researchers for all kinds of brain work; by sleep researchers for dream work; by first responders to determine time of death; and by a small group of folks like you and me who want to get an answer to your question about consciousness.


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