Much of our world has been transformed by our understanding of DNA, viruses, and bacteria.  Genetic engineering is a fact of life and there are numerous issues involving our climate and what we are doing to it.

What are the spiritual dimensions of climate change, or genetic engineering?  What are we doing right?  What are we doing wrong?  What could we do better?  Are there ways of looking at all of this that we're just not seeing?

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That the ancients understood how the genes evolve is reflected in the Hindu system of Gotra. The social system of Hindus does not permit marriages within the same Gotra, i.e. amongst people who are believed to have originated from the same parents many thousands of years ago.The practice is prevalent even today.

Howard Bloom in his fascinating work The Global Brain traces the story of evolution of human gene to an in-built information exchange system and the ability to network for this information exchange. Perhaps the ancients considered that children of same parents will carry similar information coded within their genes and the possibility for exchange of information within that group will be limited, thus prohibiting 'inter-marriages'.

This would perhaps be the first example of Genetic Engineering.

Research done some years ago looked at the effect of several mass extinction events upon the numbers of species.  Their result was quite surprising.  In each case, a number of species became extinct ... and then, within a short period of time, new species appeared, always making roughly the same number of species again.


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