A short video interview with Sarah van Gelder, co-founder of YES! magazine:



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And this is an article about what's happening beyond the encampments:



In absence of a clear declared agenda, a clear leader and a clear plan of action, these protests will not achieve anything. I hope sometimes soon an agenda and a leader emerges.

Several groups are scheduling teleconferences on this, and we may expect disjoint groups taking action on some points (local economy, peace, environment, etc.). Personally, i would like to see much more collaboration/cooperation between individuals and groups. At some point these groups have to enter the political arena and have a clear agenda. This will all take time. Some factors are in our favor: with the advent of peak cheap oil, countries will simply have to restructure their economies. It becomes too expensive to transport goods all over the globe, and too expensive to travel long distances to work, etc. 


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