Speculation has became the basic source of making Money out of Money, and the banking systems fuel this unstable method of economic growth, which is designed to be doomed. eg: Federal reserve ( not very federal)

Derivative markets, which was created in good faith for hedging has became the play ground for gamblers and these gamblers has our hard earned money at stake.One of the most deadly weapon, Options.

The purpose of this post is not to nag but to do something about it. Helping couple of people won't help humanity, if the roots are corrupt. I have noticed how small stake holders are sucked in and wiped out by artificial waves created for this very purpose.

What are some alternatives? Should the system be demolished and rebuild? or there is hope and ways to restructure this unstable system to enhance economic productivity within ethics of humanity?

This site has group of intellectuals with the will of making a difference, what do you people think? I got some ideas popping up in my head, but i would like to hear yours.

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I feel the system, because its foundation is laid on greed, should be demolished and rebuilt. But that requires turmoil, which we are not prepared for.

David Korten does show an alternative, peaceful transitional path, but I have my doubts whether that path can always remain peaceful.

Third World countries are the worst victims of this "greed based economic system" who are compelled to permit looting of their wealth under the garb of development. They also therefore, have the highest stake in seeking alternatives. Unfortunately due to mass media's obsession with west a number of model communities as proposed by David Korten are difficult to replicate in the third world countries.David Korten and several other leading thinkers in this New Economy movement may not have even heard of Ralegaon Siddhi model.

This  Ralegaon Siddhi model looks very much like an ecovillage to me. There is a growing number of these in the world. The Transition Town Initiative is a movement that is growing strongly as well. Looks like at least some of the citizens of this planet are getting what is needed to transition to a more sustainable economy.

Local banks will play an increasing role in more local, vital, and sustainable forms of economy of scale too, I think.

We like to pretend we've not been invited to play. It keep us safe, this belief. When this belief falls away, we take our seat at the table - for we all have a seat at the table - and we shuffle, then deal. Until then, life's a raw deal.

 Hi, friends!

 I don't have much time now, so I'll try to summarize: the key question, as I see it, is : are true democracy and capitalism compatible? And the answer it's NO.

 We have seen in 2011 that in many countries of the world have emergent movements that demand true democracy. Most probably these movements will be stronger in 2012. This happens at the same time that the financial system is collapsing. The outcome is the worldwide triumph of people, aware in the first time of the history of humanity of their own power.

Turmoil is part of the process, as it has always been in our history, but this turmoil will be small compared with the revolutions in history books. 

 Have a good day, everyone!!!


Ferran, you have to expand on that statement. As I see it, Capitalism is connected to the economic growth paradigm. We cannot have infinite growth in a world with limited resources. So, that form of Capitalism is doomed. Also, Capitalism leads to concentrating wealth and power in the hands of a few. That is not compatible with true democracy, where social equality (everyone has a voice and influence) is an important factor. Autonomy of societies  has been curtailed by the current system. It is not working properly. It's defects probably are beyond repair.

 Hi, Martin!

You have explained it very well. People everywhere are understanding these simple truths, and from understanding comes power.

 I am so optimistic because I saw the awakening of humanity and the beginning of right human relationships as already done in a vision in 2008. Since the last weeks of December I'm feeling it inside the bones, as a physical feeling that fills me with childlike happiness and vitality every morning. Of course this is not an objective proof, unless it is taken as a symptom of insanity.

 Moreover, I know from personal experience that Ben Creme's statements are true  http://www.share-international.org/   although I don't repeat his words. He speaks about the World Teacher, but I call Maitreya  "the gentle teacher", with no capital letters, because I know of his gentleness. Ben speaks about the Declaration Day and I call that day "the Big Hug" day because I'm feeling it as a hug, a great healing hug embracing all humanity.

 A warm hug, friends! :-)

Ferran, I share your symptom. Must be going around. :)


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