Paul Johnson wrote, "You have at least one faithful reader here who enjoys your 'voice.'"

Well, then, if Paul Johnson is my one reader, my fame has at least taken a lucky bounce way up to the Theosophical mountain top. . . .

This is because, as I have told Paul privately, I sincerely believe that his marvelous book THE MASTERS REVEALED may be the most influential thing for returning Theosophy to its basic epistemological definition since the arrival-departure of Krishnamurti from the Society.

Paul probably has myriads of readers, but not all are likely to enjoy his "voice" since he openly suggested that the Masters might not have been quite so "meta-terrestrial" after all. Indeed, if an entire belief system/religion is just based upon what has been passed along by Gabe the impressive human philosopher/Theosopher rather than Gabriel the Indefectible Angel Messenger from God . . . well, then, the true believers might not be so happy with the first person who suggested such a possible "downgrade."

It is said that John Keats composed this for his own tombstone: "Here lies a man who writ his name in water."

That sort of puts things in perspective. I mean, what does it really matter whether a person is one billion readers away or one reader away from water level?

Anyway, here are the two definitions someone asked about:

Theosophy: "Intuitive knowledge or wisdom resulting from direct experience of one's Transcendent Nature."

Microcosmic Theosophy: "Practical application of intuitive knowledge or wisdom at the human level, especially psychological insights and tools for the transformation of ordinary life into extraordinary life."

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We should not so insult the loonie medieval folk by comparing him to the assorted nutballs we get in Theosophyland. And we must also be grateful to our friend Paul for getting the nutballs so mad at him that they don't have time to get mad at the rest of us. Not only is his work, but his sacrifice is greatly appreciated.


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