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The Imaginal Mind

The Imaginal Mind (imagination) is a great tool for theosophists. To start off, one of the attributes is the ability to see two (or more) s…

Started by JohnLatest Reply


Mundis Imaginalis

(updated Aug. 14, 2014 - fixed link and quote from scribd) One of the key people who explored the use of Imagination in theosophy was Henry…

Started by JohnLatest Reply


Panentheism - the ultimate root of theosophy?

The idea of Panentheism  sometimes strikes me a s an ultimate theosophical position. It places connections between everything, explains the…

Started by JohnLatest Reply

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Nature , Meditation and We

Today i was meditation in moonlight.The moon was completely round, "chudahvi ka chand", so beautiful and attractive. It seemed as a complet…

Started by mkpandey

1 on Sunday
Reply by John


Church of Light

   Some people may find this interesting    International Interest in Letters to the Sage       History of the Adepts, Spiritual Ancestor…

Started by John

0 Aug 3

What Languages Was HPB Proficient In?

This thread was requested by Jacques Mahnich, to assist with the Stanzas of Dzyan Research Project. To quote: "On another subject related t…

Started by Joe Fulton

9 Feb 18
Reply by M K Ramadoss


ADYAR DAY --- February 17th

From Theosophy News: ADYAR DAY --- February 17th ---If you mention Adyar Day to most of today’s elected leaders – top down – they will no…

Started by John

2 Feb 17
Reply by John


Theosophy World

New Theosophy World released: 4th quarter, 2018

Started by John

0 Feb 2

What is reality?

What is reality? Magnifying rippleless intuitive thought, still in its movement within the divine current, unresistant, yet aware & re…

Started by Bikram Mehta

0 Sep 19, 2018


Thought of the day on: Inept delineation of Universe-connectedness  To connect with the Universe, we, as a mere drop of water merging into…

Started by Bikram Mehta

2 Sep 17, 2018
Reply by Bikram Mehta

Reining in the ego

As an observer observing observed, both us, the ego being observed becomes conscious and is thereby automatically restrained, even though w…

Started by Bikram Mehta

0 Sep 7, 2018


Swedenborg's Theosophy

Swedenborg is tough to read. His vocabulary can be a hurdle. If you want to Know his Theosophy, you need to interpret his weird words co…

Started by John

2 Jul 21, 2018
Reply by John


Theosophical Society membership

I found this on the Wikipedia page for the Anthroposophical Society. It is revealing, due to membership numbers, just how poorly the TS's…

Started by John

15 Mar 12, 2018
Reply by John


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