The Secret Doctrine and other books of ancient origin all discuss the evolution of humanity.  Whether it's the Bible, the Puranas or the various Buddhist cosmological writings, everyone seems to have some say on how we evolved.

However, it's kind of funny that, for whatever reason, outside of brief explanations of the Yugas in Hinduism that nothing really points to where we sit in the grand scheme of things.  It's almost like someone want us to know how the clock or the calendar has been set, but then turns right around and says "we're not going to tell you what day or time it is."


In the Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett, the point is made to Sinnett in Letter #23b (3rd Ed): "No doubt there was.  Egyptian and Aryan records and especially our Zodiacal tables furnish us with every proof of it besides our inner knowledge."

This, in my view, demonstrates quite clearly that the use of astrology in relation to the various cycles was a valid concept.  If this is true, then the implication is that we can use the same knowledge much in the same manner as Asimov uses the Prime Radiant in his Foundation Series to predict the general flow of the future.  Now, if there is any validity at all to any of this, then one can assume that even smaller cycles in our evolution can be discerned.

So, with that in mind, what time is it?

In my years of asking this question, I have run across no astrologer, save an old Theosophist in West Virginia, that virtually no one has heard of, who has dared to ask this question.  Not even Geoffrey Barborka, who in "The Divine Plan", who came ever so close in his examination of the cycles via the Hindu Yugas and other cycles, managed to link it to the one science/art that is widely used today.

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Dear Joe:

Recently, as I wrote to you in an online personal discussion I relized that he Zodiac/Calendar year I discovered on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel pointed to the directly influencing the endeavors of the individual.

The entire Zodiac/Calendar cycle on the ceiling point to the fact that each cartouche that houses a sign/month of the Zodiac/Calendar year represents an ALCHEMICAL FURNACE in which the soul/psyche is cleansed of its false beliefs.

What brought my attention to this interpretation is the fact that there are 36-pairs of imaging figures that circumambulate the ceiling.  48-cherubims are found on the 24-columns and 24-bronze figures lounge upon the pyramidal or pendentive spandrels.  It is these 72-statuary figures that are imobilized that are now seen as the prophets, sibyls and muses in the 12-cartouches.

My interpretation of these 72-statuary figures are fixed ideas such as obsessions and addictions: belief system we humans are fond of keeping: biases, prejudices and preconceived notions.   The dynamitism seen in each of the cartouches is the ebb and flow of the tides between fixed and mutable ideas.  In other words one is not allowed to eat yesterdays manna.  There are always new adventure to undertake.  These 72-statuary figures are symbolically stone sepulchers, which contains all manner of filth as Christ told the pharisees.

However, if you ever view the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel know that the Zodiac/Calendar year is a commentary on the nine central panels in the center of the ceiling.  The dynamitism that takes place in those nine central panels is the paradign that is displayed in each of the 12-cartouches.

interesting. thank you for this post.... tides being a measurement of "time" in the lunar calander. 72/8 (a measure of tide) = 9.


9 central pannels.


12 cartouches represent the summer equinox. perfect ballance of light and dark. perhaps, i will have a "think" of your post.








i would like to retract that prior statement due en-largely to having a better consideration of the terms presented in the post above it.


Patrizia Norelli Brachelet answers this question in The New Way. Lori Tompkins will sure like to explain in detail here.


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