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Clinton and Trump Birth Charts

I found this info, if anyone is interested. (From Wall Street Journal) Trump and Clinton Birth Info

Started by John

0 Sep 30, 2016

What Time is It?

The Secret Doctrine and other books of ancient origin all discuss the evolution of humanity.  Whether it's the Bible, the Puranas or the va…

Started by Joe Fulton

22 Dec 29, 2012
Reply by Jessica R. Huffmeyer

Noah's Ark, the Zodiac, the 0/9 Number System & the Preservation of Knowledge

Noah's Ark, Edward Hicks, 1846 As a continuation of 'Cataclysms and the Preservation of Knowledge', I will present below some eviden…

Started by Lori Tompkins

12 Sep 4, 2012
Reply by Hari Menon

Astrology of the 9.0 Japan Earthquake & Nuclear Disaster

I just posted the horary chart and some thoughts on the 'Astrology of the 9.0 Japan Earthquake & Nuclear Disaster' on my cosmology blog…

Started by Lori Tompkins

16 Aug 17, 2011
Reply by Joe Fulton

Ezekiel's Wheel, the Mother Ship & the Zodiac

After writing about Noah's Ark, Manu, the Zodiac and the 9/0 number system, Joe sent me some info about the Nation of Islam's (NOI's) Mothe…

Started by Lori Tompkins

2 Apr 14, 2011
Reply by William John Meegan

Zodiac Shake-Up

Hello Everyone!   I heard on local and national news that the zodiac dates have changed (have been changed for some time now) and another s…

Started by Heidi Ann Maycroft

12 Mar 10, 2011
Reply by Heidi Ann Maycroft

Inner voice

INNER VOICE IS BETTER THAN ASTROLOGY   What is inner voice:- After doing some practise(meditation), Inner voice will be activated, It will…

Started by vas.shrinivas

4 Nov 22, 2010
Reply by vas.shrinivas


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