Thanks to Dan Caldwell for posting the information on the newly released "Secret Doctrine Commentaries - the 1889 Unpublished Instructions".  It's good to see new material emerge.

This brings a question to mind.  What unpublished or other materials are known to, or are rumored to exist by early members of the Theosophical movement or related circles?

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Hi, Joe.

My suggestion regarding the expensive newly released materials would be to first purchase THE INNER GROUP TEACHINGS OF H.P. BLAVATSKY (the newer edition edited by the impressive Dan Caldwell, I believe--I've got an older hardback) for around, I think, sixteen dollars.

This latter book starts with the 1890's. Unless 1889 was an entirely different year for content, clarity, and presentation of arcane material, I think many readers will quickly get their fill of "Auric Egg"-type expatiations etc. so that they may decide to hold off purchasing SECRET DOCTRINE COMMENTARIES.

(However, if the newly released book is quite different, I would appreciate hearing about it.)
The Durbar in Lahore.

You can easily read the text at the first link:


The Inner Group Teachings.

You can freely read the Inner Group Teachings of H.P. Blavatsky on my website at:

Introductory material at:

See online many esoteric instructions at my website:

From a recent account of the background to the SD commentaries by HPB, there was obviously foot dragging by the custodian for whatever reason he/she had. I think a great opportunity was missed in using Internet to spur the custodian to move quickly to distribute the material to all theosophists in the world. The world would have waited for the scholars' explanation in printed publication, which finally is out of reach for most middle class theosophists.

I wish I had found out about the existence of the transcripts and posting couple of messages in Internet forums would have forced the custodian to quickly distribute the material to everyone in the theosophical world.

Even now, the custodian of the transcripts can choose to scan them and upload them to Internet and each one of us is intelligent enough to read, understand them.

Hopefully, the custodian would see the immediate need for this and act on it. Theosophical material is for everyone and not the few who can afford to purchase expensive books.


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