This discussion starts out by asking why the age of 114 seems to be a limit for humanity. While the article is interesting it is the comments at the end that provide the most food for thought.  Some are insightful and some are downright funny :)


What are your thoughts?

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Wikipedia has a List of 100 verified supercentenarians.89 of those lived beyond 114 years. What is really curious that women far outnumber men in living beyond 100. In the list only 9 are men.

(ignoring religious babel)

The one item that things often hinge around are the Telomere length.

Steven Austad was/is a key researcher. my wife pointed me at his work (ask wife, she shall know...<g>)

also look at

approaches for telomere lengthening apparently need more study.

How would one increase all the lengths in all cells.... doesn't sound likely?

actual example:


"clones created from a cell taken from an adult might have chromosomes that are already shorter than normal, which may condemn the clones' cells to a shorter life span. Indeed, Dolly, who was cloned from the cell of a 6-year-old sheep, had chromosomes that were shorter than those of other sheep her age. Dolly died when she was six years old, about half the average sheep's 12-year lifespan."

this is interesting:


I thought the first couple of comments about the Bible quote and "all the begetting" was hilarious.


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