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The Hymn/Dance of Jesus - performed after the Last Supper

    General Information The Hymn/Dance of Jesus was performed after the Last Supper (Maundy Thursday) The best edition of the Greek remain…

Started by JohnLatest Reply

The Gospel of Thomas on Servants & Masters

I was reading the Gospel of Thomas (from the Nag Hammadi Library) in verse 47 he quotes Jesus as saying "it is not possible for a servant t…

Started by PuzzleSolverLatest Reply

A Married Jesus - Newly Found "Gospel of Jesus's Wife"

A newly released fragment dubbed "The Gospel of Jesus's Wife" has been released by the Harvard School of Divinity.   The draft of the docum…

Started by Joe FultonLatest Reply

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sons of Noah

 So I have another Hebrew question: we seem to have a pretty tiny population after the "flood". Noah has three children,but only Shem's son…

Started by Jeffrey Soule

2 Sep 22
Reply by John


Dr. Elaine Pagels - Washington National Cathedral

The following will be a live-stream about early Christian Gnosticism. Dr. Pagels is famous for books like "The Gnostic Paul" and others. T…

Started by John

0 Mar 29


Interfaith Harmony Week - Parliament of Worlds Religions

Some may be interested in this. World Interfaith Harmony Week Webinar Series Throughout 2019, the Parliament will be convening successful…

Started by John

1 Feb 2
Reply by John


Gaelic Blessing

Started by John

0 Oct 2, 2018

How Do We Meditate?

A thought hit me this morning about meditation.  Meditation is considered one of the, if not the main pieces of everyone's spiritual toolki…

Started by Joe Fulton

2 Sep 4, 2018
Reply by Bikram Mehta


a meme on life

Started by John

5 Aug 23, 2018
Reply by John


Mary Magdalene, apostle of the apostles, 10.06.2016 Holy See Press Office

The RC Church has elevated Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene, apostle of the apostles. Accepted From the Holy See Press Office (Vatican) H…

Started by John

0 Apr 3, 2018


What Thomas Merton and Mohammad Ali had in common.

This article appeared in the New York Times (NYT). An interesting comparison.. What Thomas Merton and Muhammad Ali Had in Common

Started by John

1 Dec 9, 2017
Reply by David


Happy Saka Dawa!

Saka Dawa

Started by John

0 Jun 9, 2017


Atheism is the belief in the rejection of gods or deities.It is in the position that there are no deities or gods.Atheists believe that the…

Started by Neiljan Raro Remigio

2 Sep 10, 2016
Reply by RavenHeart Ban-Draoidh~


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