I have tried to understand Karma, but to no avail. I do understand the words cause and effect in the material sense. But not in the spiritual sense. What if our spirit undergoes a spiritual change instead of a material rebirth? Reincarnation in the spirit I can understand but not in the material sense. Thoughts please. Paul

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To some, knowledge would constitute a sum total of all understanding. Modern Scientific and Psychological understanding included. Once an overview of the entire universal processes is developed, it may be easier to explore the role of Karma in that. From that perspective, Ken Wilber is a very important thinker of our time. A critic of his theory may help some of us to gain greater understanding of Karma. There are some great graphics to peruse.

There is a good introduction to Indian Philosophy here. Please look at the page 16 where it is clarified that Karma is not a binary system (right vs. wrong, good vs evil etc.),


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