Since words can have ambiguous meanings, each human meaning can mean different meanings to different people. Any language in itself can be ambiguous. It's almost like Apples and oranges, both fruit but different. Is the definition of Esoteric defined by one meaning or several meanings by word definitions through different interpreted understandings? Either there is a spiritual realm or there isn't one!

Could the explanation of the word metaphysics itself be drawing one away from the premise of a second realm called esoteric? Would not the action of experiencing the phenomenon be in itself the true way of understanding it than by words itself or by belief and not words? How does one explain to a blind man sight or hearing to a deaf man or reality to a drug addict? It would seem one has to believe without words.

Does a person have to believe in what they see hear touch physically as opposed to believe by faith without words? Paul

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Hundreds of thousands of visually challenged people today use Text To Speech based software applications and several of them can describe sight, colors, places, items etc. as well as you and me. Stephen Hawking addresses the world using a speech synthesizer. There are numerous other examples around if one looks.

None of us can see or feel Gravity. Yet all of us understand it in the same way. How? Because it is described accurately in words. Inadequacy of description should motivate one to refine it, improve upon it rather than hide behind faith. If it was left to faith and belief, earth would still be flat.

Clique in Polictics - Cabal means Clique when you see it in a magazine for fashion or other things or in a news paper - it is a secondary meaning , In Esoteric - Kaballah is wrongly used based on the tight circle they had kept , but really speaking The actual idea of Kaballah cannot be restricted to this meaning which you have asked . You have used a double edged sword here . 

Esoteric means arcane , recondite etc but never the meaning small group . 

Because  a small group is a Clique with no overtones of difficulty in understanding secrets or teachings . Rather a tight knit group of persons if you look at it that way .

A small group need not be a secretive group  or having secret knowledge . other wise you have to stick to not even Kaballah but rather Cabal

Dear Paul ,

  Is this a trick post ?

It makes me  feel like Alice at the Mad Hatters party !!.

   I really hope you will not mind my reply Paul , you are a source of pure joy . My answers were starting from the first

1. No.

2. No


4. You do not  (their condition being known to you better ).

5. A very ethical question (this is between the Vatican and their Servants ).


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