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I read an article about the human evolution according to HPB: http://blavatskytheosophy.com/human-evolution-in-the-secret-doctrine/
However I couldn't find the mentioning of human evolution as we learn from countless fossils that were found of different human spices :
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_evolution , moreover several of the human spices lived at the same time as you can see at the table from the link.
We can also trace the evolution of the species to our H***-Sepias of today.

Those fossils doesn't seems to resemble any of the races mentioned by HPB, and yet evolution suggests (with prof) that we evolved from them.
Also we have found fossils from dinosaurs living 234 million years ago, but didn't find any of the Lemurians or Atlantes that migrated from their continents.
it's hard to believe that the advanced Atlantes didn't build bouts and traveled to other continents - specially when it took thousands of years for their continent to disappear under the water, even the other human spices were migrating.

What HPB says about dinosaurs?

What are your thoughts on the subject

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Is this an attempt to discuss HPB through the backdoor?

What do you mean?

I ask legitimate questions about the Secret Doctrine.

And I'm really interesting in reading valid answers.


I see that many people read this post and none responded to the questions.


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