My religion is Tibetan Buddhism,I am a Muslim and I am also Christian through occultism how can i become a God and become immortal like the masters of wisdom because i want to stay foreveryoung and live forever in this  universe eternally?

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I think first we need learn to be Men, yes, Human beings. Many Beliefs offers an apotheosis, an exaltation, and selfishly we seek it, but we rarely ask ourselves if we are doing the things right in our lives, what we are doing as men for the betterment of humanity? When we'll leave this world as men, what have we improved? whom we will have helped?

I think this is the way, we can not ignore our humanity, we are substance of it and this world for a reason...

"If the Caterpillar doesn't learn how to do Catepillar's things properly, it doesn't know how to make a cocoon...

 If the Caterpillar never make a cocoon, it never will be a Butterfly"   



Why does one need to aspire to become GOD? What is wrong with being human and ageing and death?

Well said Joe. I hadn't thought about the universal applicability of Murphy's Law.

Currently I am happy with being human with all its associated pains and pleasures and look forward to ageing and death. I see no reason why I should give this up and aspire to be a chela, Mahatma or GOD. 

Perhaps ignorance is bliss. But bliss it is.

There seems to be two perspectives on this subject in the Metaphysical community. One is that "we are human's occasionally having a spiritual or godlike experience."

The other is one expressed by our own Peter O'Lalor, in a recent forum on "The Pyramid Code," which says: "We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

It appears that the former is the one so far being expressed here. But, I agree with the later, and with the saying "we are already immortal and godlike, and to realize it we have only to get out of the way of our own shadow." Of course, that's easier said than done.

Neiljan, if you have a deep, burning desire  to "become as a god," and it's not just a passing whim or fleeting wish, then I say "go for it!"

Far be it from me to tell you what path to take on your journey. You can start with the very spiritual and religious groups you are in now. Check into Tibetan Buddhism, I'm sure one of its many schools of thought and practice will have something to help you. Also, the mystical tradition of Islam, Sufism, is a goldmine in this regard(and was influential in early Theosophy). Look into esoteric Christianity, especially modern Gnosticism, for additional assistance.

Also, Google Search "how to become a god," and you'll find several interesting groups to join.

Your persistent search for answers in all this should be most enlightening. Best to you and keep us informed.

As for "Murphy's law," the exact origins of which are hard to trace. (No one name "Murphy" dreamed it up) But, it always seemed to me to be a "self fullfilling prophecy," as it were. It seems to come from a wiseacre, cynical view of life. We believe strongly enough in it, our subconscious brings out one frustration after another. Ever been in a hurry, panicky, etc., and one thing goes wrong and just builds on itself. Sit down, calm down, get a steady focus and matters get better.

What about the opposite, "what can go right, will go right." I'm sure we've all been "in the zone" or "in the flow," where everything just falls into place, effortlessly, smoothly.

Henry Ford put it quite well: "Believe you can, and you can. Believe you can't, and you can't. Both are true."



No problem, Joe. I didn't think I was stating anything startling new and figured everyone participating here were aware of it in their own way.

The question posed presupposes that humankind is bereft of the Diety to begin with.  Is that the case?  If so, then in what way?  Also why does human kind continually grapple with this sense of separation?

How does one qualify oneself to move beyond samsara? Intention is a key element in the attainment of Adepthood.  The desire to become a deified human being for selfish reasons alone, does not an Arhat make. 

How one graduates and advances upon the path toward Selfhood is unique to each, however there are specific qualifications which must be met.  Answers to which remain occulted for a reason.  Such things must be arrived at on your own, when you are ready, and not a moment sooner.


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