Can you afford to pay attention? Seems very few have the time or patience to cease for just a moment and take a deeper look at their conscious environment.  Not enough have the energy and senses to pay needed attention to their self let alone to symbolic signs that speak louder than spoken words. Theosophy is broad and exhausting study and many burn themselves out and give up on their pursuit of Truth because it is too heavy for one to take on alone.

The fundamental inquiries rooted in questions such as: Where do we come from? What is the source of life? Who am I? Why am I here? All lead to an array of answers for human passion for understanding of things that many take for granted each day. But Who has the energy to think beyond the systems They have been conditioned into? If we are not owning our thoughts who took the rights? More importantly why do we lose memory? Where do memories go? What is the source of memory? 

One thing is certain and very hard to deny,  which is that life is fueled by energy of many forms.  To create a memory there has to be an experience. Memories can serve as meter markers in Duration to recall certain time frames of experiences, events, actions, etc.. Memories have been stored in symbology by our ancestors but the language of the symbol has been lost and can only be remembered perhaps by the senses beyond the 5 senses inherited by birth right that calls for a higher 6th sense that only the faculty of a well developed intuition can discern. However, that may be too controversial for skeptics of ordinary men and women to accept.  

Energy powers the mind to ask such questions and the intuition answers such questions told by stored memory which the senses can tell when one has built a self trustworthy companionship and self awareness partnership. Every garden needs a yard just as every thought needs a mind.  Thoughts are produced in the garden of the greater Yard. In order for healthy produce to grow, the garden needs to be cared for and constantly tended to. Just as the gardener plucks the weeds apart thoughts need to be filtered and kept clear to produce healthy abstractions.

If energy is constant and energy is the source of memory, how come we lose memories over time? How can we remember to know ourselves? How come majority lack the ability of abstruse inquiries?   What are you sensing from this reading?


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