Besides HPB, Who Has Had the Greatest Influence on The Theosophical Movement?

  • Next to HP Blavatsky, who do you feel has had the strongest influence on the Theosophical Movement? Please take a couple minutes to answer the three short questions below.  We really appreciate any thoughts you might have.

  • Who?
  • What was their influence?
  • Why are they important?

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Joe, you are a walinkg encyclopedia on theosophy.

Mira Alfassa (The Mother) spent 2 years - 1905 & 1906 - in Tlemcen (Algeria) to study occultism with Max Theon (Aïa Aziz). When she met him the first time, she saw on him the face of Le Titien painting she had seen eleven years before : it was the face of one of the Venice Doges. Someone very important in this story is Max Theon wife, Alma, who seems to have very high occult knowledge and powers. One of them being her capability to exit her material body (in a subtil body), with all her counsciousness, up to 12 times in a row, up to the far limit of the world of forms. Mira was trained in this technique by Theon, up to the point were she almost died. Max Theon wanted to get to this limit (the upper door) where one can touch on what the Vedic Rishis had experimented long time ago. Max Theon wanted to succeed in this quest, and every morning they were practising a very dangerous exercise which consists in having all the energy of the body exiting it - like during the dying process - Mira was very effective in this practice, being able to stop at any subtil plan, look at it, experiment it, and being able to report about it. She was in a cataleptic state, still able to talk very feebly. Theon was listening and taking notes. One day where Mirra was touching very close to a fondamental secret of the life process, a very powerful but dangerous secret, she decided not to tell about it. Max becames very upset, and this caused the link between the subtil and physical body to broke down, leaving Mira almost dead. They hopefully were able to rebuild this connexion. This was the end of the cooperation between them. Mira told she learned a lot from Max, but she was not heading in his direction for her own quest.

These are great characters !

Yes, a thanks to Joe and to Jacques, especially for his fine description of the trance state that Alma went into, for bringing out the name Max Theon and his place in Western Occult history.

But, the real tip-of-the-hat should go to our own K. Paul Johnson, who pointed out Max Theon's contributions to Western Occultism in several forums here in the recent past. I, like Mark, thought I had a fairly good overview of the subject, but it was Paul who first brought Mr. Theon to my attention.

It seems that Theon and his wife, Alma, pioneered the movement now referred to as "Channeling." There is the Seth Material, coming from Jane Roberts and her husband, Robert. She would go into a trance and Robert would take down her utterances. Then there's the Ramtha material, channeled from JK Knight. And, the Abraham messages, channeled by Esther Hicks with her husband, Jerry, taking down notes. These are the most well known nowadays that I can think of.

It's a shame Max Theon has never gotten his just credit and recognition. Perhaps there is something of a revival going on concerning his contributions.

Well, in the beginning it was also A.P Sinnett, because of the Mahatma Letters given to him.Olcott for sure like also Hume.But they distroyed that was was meant to be big and lightful only of the lower ego of the people to receive power.

And-like almost none did their homework and studied the writings of Blavatsky.They did often not understand the veiled form and could look and lift up the veil to understand the meaning. See the chains. Sinnett was having a lot of problems with that.

And Annie Besant for sure was stepping inside the Esoteric Science.

Krishnarmurti refused after a while because he understood the game to create a "guru".But there is no need for that, if the doctrine is already there to be understood ans taken into the life. noone needs a personification of a guru-if you have already the guru in you.. :-)

Important are all-see and learn about the consequences.

Om Patita


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