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Hi John

I looked at this and for some reason my first instinct was to try to criticise it. I am not sure why, perhaps my nature is to criticise. I am going to think about that. Having counted to 10, some thoughts did come to my mind. The first is, why end with 'religion'? Would you allow the insertion of 'science', 'philosophy', 'politics'? The second was that alot of religious people seem to find motivation for good works in their faith. Can we really say religion is the or a hindrance to good deeds, or useless? But, I don't think one can disagree too intently, pragmatics should trump ideology every time. And doing away with all suffering is surely the only goal. I don't know if there is an answer to why there is suffering in the world (or rather there are too many answers) when, seemingly, there need not be. Why do we seem simply unable to do unselfish good, on the personal and national level?


Hi Dewald

I found this post on FB and shared it in the Theosophical Group. It had many "Likes" with no comments.

Note that I posted this (here) in the Religion Forum and not the Theosophy Forum.

The point they are trying to emphasize is to not forget your efforts to donate to local food banks, free medical clinic, homeless shelters etc. After that, then one can argue about various interpretations of many religious and religious-like texts.

If you want to add in Science, Philosophy etc. that is fair game and I have no issues with those who want to add these.  I hope that helps you to get the context for the unknown writer of the post.

Just an aside - I post many things I personally disagree with. I am just a messenger on some of these.

Take care -


I looked again at the post in the Theosophical Network (FB). It did get 4 comments.

They were supportive of the post. This is a correction on my statement above that there were no posts.

It is just fyi.


Thanks, on the contextualising. I did not notice the Forum context. I should be a little more alert and sophisticated in my engagement with your website. Context does make a difference. The message did get me thinking though. Can we act without beliefs of some sort? No-one feeds the hungry, houses the homeless etc. without some reason or motivation. If action is the result of webs of beliefs held, then what beliefs held become important. If they result in action in society to alleviate universal suffering then they can be endorsed. I think this is one of the general points of Richard Rorty, and a specific point of Theosophy - w.r.t. the oneness and interconnectedness of life.


Tough questions.

Love and Compassion are taught in all major religions. The choice to believe is always up to the observer. This may be the minimal 'web' we can create. I wish I had more insight. sorry.



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