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This is my first post. My first impression was WOW! another fulfilled Cayce prophecy this year. He's already gotten uprisings in Lybia, all-out revolution in Egypt, the Japenese tsunami and earthquake, and the flooding along the Mississippi. Now he can add land rising in the Atlantic to his resume too. This has been eventful year for people who study prophecy. My last impression is it's only August, what else is going to happen this year. It's been a wild 8 months. We've also had nuclear meltdown.

Welcome Jane.


Atlantis has been discovered many times before, at many different locations. Believers will believe what they like to believe. Skeptics will be skeptics irrespective of truth staring them in their faces. There is a balanced article here. Last para is particularly interesting.


It appeasr starnge that our scientists can find flowing water on Mars but not what is beneath the water in our own backyard. Large mutinational companies can find Oil, Gold and so many other minerals under the sea bed but not Atlantis. No wonder amateurs have to take the responsibility of rediscovering it every few years.


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