Share some wise words from Joy; or joyful words from the wise? We shouldn't look a truth-horse in the mouth! ;)

Joy Mills says in her article:

“In the truest sense, this is what it means to be a Theosophist, not simply a member of the Society, but an authentic Theosophist, a knower and a lover of wisdom, of truth, of beauty. It is to seek, to ask the really big questions, the central questions of human existence, and never be satisfied with answers until we have probed, inquired, ever more deeply.”

Our President-Founder, Col. H. S. Olcott said in his inaugural speech at the foundation of the TS in New York, in 1875: “We seek, inquire, reject nothing without cause, accept nothing without proof; we are students, not teachers.” Joy Mills reflects:

“We state in our literature that we are a Society of seekers, a group of inquirers. Yet often it seems that once we have joined the Society, we cease to inquire or to question any of the ideas we have so enthusiastically embraced.”

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